Stem Cell Therapy

After Makenzie's accident we were on the quest to try anything that may help bring Makenzie healing. After much research we decided to go ahead with Stem Cell Therapy. There are many different clinics in the world that perform stem cell therapy, however none in the USA or Canada, and each does the therapy a little bit different. We decided to travel to International Cell Medicine (ICM) in Costa Rica.

We took our first trip to ICM in July of 2009. After realizing the many improvements this therapy brought to Makenzie we decided to go back again in April 2010.

Here is a list of links about ICM and our Stem Cell Adventure To Healing!

ICM and Makenzie's Stem Cell Protocol

Journal of our trip in July 2009

6 week update on Makenzie's healing after our first trip

Journal of our second Trip in April 2010

Fundraising letter

Inernational Cell Medicine's (ICM) Website

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