Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Fun

Summer oh summer. We have a a good but exhausting summer. I took 2 classes this summer and that kept me pretty busy but the kids were troopers.

Makenzie and I participated in the Color Run with a couple of our friends. We had SO much fun. It was the first 5k we have ever done and we are planning to do many more!


Two days after my semester ended we packed up the car and headed to a family reunion to see many of my cousins I haven't seen in almost 14 years. I love road trips and this was the first one I have ever attempted with all of my children. It went fabulous and everyone did great, had fun, and the boys have already asked when we can do it again.

After organizing all of our stuff into the back of the car we headed out. Over the course of 6 days we managed to travel through Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. We hung out at the lake, went to a tiny, old, amusement park which my grandparents had once visited on a date many years ago. The boys rode go karts for a good long while and Makenzie giggled on the Farris wheel, log ride, the train and few others. The looks on my niece and nephews faces when they got on their first ever amusement park ride and their first taste of funnel cake was also priceless.


In my fashion this road trip took us in a circle and after the reunion we headed to rapid city, South Dakota and were able to see Bear County USA were reindeers would not move out of the middle of the road (quite tramatizing) and bears walk freely all around. We also stopped at Mt Rushmore so that the boys could see the monument and finished our site seeing with a drive through the beautiful Black Hills.



In six days I loaded and unloaded our stuff 6 times and drove most of the day for 4 of these day but it was worth all of the work. We drove on two lane country roads, had picnic lunches in the middle of nowhere, we admired tiny towns, decided that most of Nebraska smells like poop, and rocked out to Manamana more times then I can count. There was very little fighting and Makenzie did fabulous. It was normal and we had fun.




However, yesterday it was back to real life and right now my real life is driving me crazy. At the end of the school year due to medical reasons our amazing school nurse had to resign and I found out a couple of weeks before we left on our trip that Makenzie's school had still not hired a new nurse. After several conversations with her teacher and the principal I left on my trip praying that while we were gone the issue would be resolved and Makenzie could go to school. However, that was not the case and school starts on Monday and their plan is to have a part time nurse and med tech (that has yet to be hired) who has received 8 hours of district training and no medical education. Without boring you with all of the reasons why this is not ok I will just simple say...... This is NOT ok.

I have been stonewalled by most everyone in the district and have been given many excuses and reasons why this plan is sufficient. They have arranged a meeting with some of the big wigs on Monday and I am ready. I have letters going from the doctors, I have printed out laws from DORA and IDEA, and have contacted and advocate who will be attending the meeting with me. Please say a prayer the this will be resolved because Makenzie loves school and thrives while she is there.

School starts in two days so I am off to buys new shoes and clothes, get haircuts, and finish the supply hunt. It is going to be another busy weekend.

Believe... Prayer Works!

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