Friday, January 11, 2013

Vacation Time Before Reality Stikes Again!

Well we had a wonderful end to our Christmas break and then it was back to the grind again. However, before I get back to the grind I want to document a wonderful family trip we took right after the start of the new year.

For part of our Christmas present my mom and dad planned a short trip into the mountains . Unlike all of our other mountain adventures where we jump in the car, this time we boarded a train. I have never been on a train before so I was a bit unsure of how that would go over with Makenzie but let me tell you it was SO much fun!


We met so many interesting people, played games, and say a lot of scenery that you miss while driving. It was about a six hour trip and we climbed the mountain very slowly. This seemed to be the trick for Makenzie's typical altitude sickness because we did not have one issue even at 10,000 ft.

During our stay we went swimming in the hot-springs. Even though it was a whole 9 degrees out the water was super warm and everyone had a wonderful time. We also went skiing. I have not been skiing for about 17 years and was pretty apprehensive. However, the moment I clicked my boots into the bindings I knew that I remembered how to ski. It was Mr 11's first time on the slops and by run 3 you would have never known. After all we have been through I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a bit anxious as I watched my kids float down the hill, and the few times I saw my son out of control and rolling down the hill I really did want to crawl out of my skin but we all walked away with a smile, some really sore muscles and wanting to go back for more.

Having babies is fun but getting to do the big kid stuff is so much more exciting! I have waited for so long to get to experience this kid of stuff with my boys. As we jumped on the first lift and I sat there with my son I realized that for the first time since Makenzie's accident that I was going to spend the whole day focused on just them. I was going to get to see my child put on ski's for the first time, and I was going to see the look on his face when he rolled off that lift and looked down the big hill.  Yes Makenzie was waiting just at the bottom in the lodge but I was focused on my boys and knew she would be just fine. Needless to say I haven't had to much fun in a very long time!

One day later I found myself back to normal life and knee deep in my kids education. Right before break I met with Mr. 13's teachers and based on testing learned that he would not qualify for any services. We talked about more ways that we could help him find success at school and since then not one single piece of our conversation was followed through on. 

I made a really tough discussion this week to pull Mr 13 out of school and use a cyber school program to finish the year. Most of these programs were already closed for the year but I prayed that if this was the right thing to do that God would open the door and low and behold there was still one door open in a program that is still enrolling.

My decision was solidified yesterday when I experienced the most negative and irritating conversation with a teacher in regards to my son to date. I asked Josh if his teacher was always so rude and negative and his answer was "yes" he then went on to tell me that one of his other teachers told him and a few other kids yesterday that they would never graduate and make it to college and that in the past this same person had told the whole class that they were dumb. Ah.....yeah..... Not going to work for me.

So today I had a little chat with the Principal and hope to get the matter resolved but I am feeling like this could be a real reason why Mr 13 is having such a hard time in school. Negativity most certainly doesn't breed success in any way!

I also went and talked to Mr 15's guidance counselor and found out that he is really doing very well. Is is by no means a honor student but his first year of high school is going well.

So Mr 15 will stay right were he is. Mr 13 will spend the rest of the year with me to figure out how he can catch up and show the education system how smart he really is and Mr 11, well I am not sure about him. He is begging me to let him stay home and after yesterday I am considering it. I am feeling like some of the problems I have had over the last couple of years are simply because "middle school sucks!" in general. I am thinking that maybe it would be best for my 6th grader to skip the rest of these crappy years where so many bad behaviors are exposed and learned and try again in a couple of years. We shall see.

I have one more full week of break and am enjoying every minute of it! In fact I think I am going to go sit on my couch and watch a movie in peace now before I have to go pick the kids up again!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012.... A Year of New Beginnings

Wow I can't believe another year has come and gone. Beginnings

This year was a good one full of many changes and much healing! We started the year with a trip downtown with friends, the flu, and a new hobby of couponing. We played in the snow and Makenzie got her first ever award at school. The boys also started hockey the beginning of this year.


Mr 11 particitpated in Destination Imagination and Makenzie and I took our first road trip in March to Texas to be in Ms. Stephanie's wedding. Makenzie was the most beautiful flower girl ever and we had so much fun!

Makenzie also worked really hard on talking with her eye gaze and driving her power chair in 2012 and on March 25th we celebrated the aniversery of Makenzie's accident with a huge celebration of life party!

Mr 11 also had another bout of infection in his gut but before the year was through, after another PICC line, IV antibiotics, a blood clot, and blood thinners, and the removal of an appendix, he was given a clean bill of health! God is so very good!


Makenzie loved her walker this year and also loved her very first field trip to the farm with all of her friends!  This year Makenzie also finished her very first full year of school with a program and my oldest moved from middle school to high school.


We celebrated summer birthdays outside on the deck. Makenzie turned 7 this year. Ms Stephanie came to visit, we went to Elitches, picnics, out for ice cream, and swimming. The summer also brought Makenzie a Sleep Safe bed and for the first time since her accident she started sleeping away from Mommy in her own bed.


Makenzie had another great go at eating by mouth this year! She rocked it out but in true Makenzie fashion decided that it was fun but she was done. We continued the blended diet this year and Makenzie continues to grow and thrive.

I learned how to make big bows that Makenzie now touts on the top of her head and right before school started Makenzie gave the trike another go and took off. We went to the mountains for a family reunion and school started along with Mr 15's first season of high school football. 


In September I went back to school, Grandma Linda got married and Makenzie was riding and driving all over her school. We made it through another election, Makenzie learned how to do the dishes, and found out that soon Makenzie will be receiving her very own trike.

My newest neice was born this year and I got to take pictures of her several weeks after her birth. 

We made it through Christmas and had a real tree for the first time. We started some new tradidtions and spent a lot of time with family and friends. We ended the year with a movie and dinner and sleep over in the livingroom waking up to a new year. 



2012 has been a year of new beginings. It was a great year! Makenzie is doing so well and I feel nothing but blessed that she is who she is. It has been a long journey but God has provided all that we have ever needed! 

2013 is going to start with a bang and then we will all go back to school. Thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers, in 2012! It was a great year!

Believe... Prayer Works!

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