Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Tantrums

How many of you have seen a seven year old throw a temper tantrum? Given the fact that I have 4 children I can say I have seen a tantrum more times then I can count. But how many people do you know that love to see big tears, screaming, and the flailing that comes when a young child doesn't get what they want? I do!

Makenzie does not ever cease to amaze me. I say this because last night she pitched the biggest fit I have ever seen. It lasted for a good 20 minutes and she was not backing down.

It started on our trip to Walmart. It was almost 4pm and we were on our way to pick out a Halloween costume. (yes, I know that was a very last minute move!)  We talked about going trick or treating and about what Makenzie wanted to be. Morgan was going to be a pirate and so Makenzie got very giddy when I offered that option. So a pirate it was. We walked around Walmart picking up a white sweatshirt, spray paint, some elastic, buttons, and a beanie to top it all off. Makenzie giggled and laughed the whole time. She was so excited.

As we walked back into the house Makenzie started to fuss. I explained to her that I needed to get her costume ready and asked Mr 11 to entertain her for a few minutes so I could spray paint the stripes on her shirt and sew the elastic and buttons on so the sweatshirt would fit over her coat and around her chair. Makenzie was on and off cranky but I just thought she was bored and tired of sitting in her chair.

Just as I finished her costume Mr 15 called for a ride home from football. I put Makenzie back in her chair and we headed out to the car. She started with the pouty face. I asked her if she was mad that it wasn't time to go trick or treating yet and she started to cry. I then asked if she wanted to get out of the van to trick or treat and the tears stopped and immediately a huge smile crept across her face. We picked up her brother, drove home, and the real full blown tantrum started the second we walked into the house and she realized that it was still not time to go trick or treating.

For 20 minutes she cried big tears, held her breath, extended her whole body, and whimpered. It didn't matter what I did. I tried holding her, turning on the TV to distract her, asking her brothers to play with her so I could finish getting ready.... nothing worked. I finally got her iPad programed to say "trick or treat" and "thank you" and the whole tantrum STOPPED! I laid her on the floor with her iPad and she pushed that button over and over until it was time to go.

Makenzie knew exactly what she wanted and in the midst of her tantrum my Mommy heart swelled with sheer happiness. I have waited for so long for this little girl to throw herself on the floor screaming until mommy gave in and last night she did that! Makenzie has thrown fits before and let her wants and needs be known but this fit was different, it was long, she was so stubborn, and she did not stop until I gave her exactly what she wanted! LOVE IT!

As for the trick or treating..... Makenzie giggled and squealed for 2 hours straight. She rolled up to every single door and pushed her iPad to say trick or treat and thank you. We did not leave one candy giver without a smile and she ended the evening with a huge bucket of candy for her mommy! 

I have never been a huge fan of Halloween but after last night I am pretty sure it is now my favorite holiday!!! Watching my little girl do exactly what all the other little kids are doing is amazing and knowing though her tantrum, that she understood what we were getting ready to do and how excited she was to go trick or treating makes it all that much sweeter!

God is so good and I am so blessed! Miracles continue to happen everyday around here and for that I am so very thankful!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures my computer is refusing to read my SD or Compact Flash card!)

Believe.... Prayer Works!


T said...

Haha What a pickle! I am glad the trick or treating lived up to Makenzie's expectations - can't wait to see the pics when the SD card will work :)

Timothy Courtemanche said...

You made me cry! Thank you for sharing!
God bless you and your beautiful family!

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