Saturday, November 10, 2012


It has been a somewhat exhausting week. The kids just came off of fall break and this week they had another short week due to conferences.


Fall break happened for the kids but it did not happen for me. I still had classes and for the first time got to practice coming up with plan a and b to find care for Makenzie so I could get to school. On Tuesday a good friend held down the fort but my plan b failed when another friend came down with a really bad respiratory virus and could not keep Makenzie. So on Thursday Mr. 13 and Makenzie got to experience psychology and algebra. They did a great job and I passed my algebra test with flying colors despite the obvious distraction. I had to laugh when my instructor expressed concern about this distraction and I told her that this was my life and I would be just fine and I was.


On Saturday Makenzie and I went to our first ever political rally. It was really a ton of fun. Makenzie loved the drum line and was very interactive with every one we met. We got to listen to some good music, and hang out with a whole bunch of people who just loved being Americans. To be quite honest in the 5 and a half hours that we were there, there was not much political talk going on. Everyone just seemed to enjoy the experience which made the whole thing so enjoyable.

Then election day happened and I found myself much more emotional than I have ever been about an election. Over the last few months it has become very clear that the special needs community is split very passionately right down the middle mainly on health care issues. Social media has been very intense and looking back I believe the extra emotion is not a increased passion on the issues at hand but more the effects of social media or as I like to call it, Facebook Syndrome, had on the whole ordeal. At the end of the day we live in the most beautiful county. A country where we do not all have to agree, and for that I am grateful! Not a single president has ever been unanimously voted into office and our differences are what make this county such a wonderful place.

So we move forward praying for the leadership of this country.


On Wednesday football officially ended for Mr. 15 with a banquet. It was so much fun and my son got an award for the most improved player. I am so proud of him! He stuck with it, made some great friends, and had a great time in the process.

Tonight through the exhaustion I am feeling so blessed. As I tucked Makenzie into bed tonight I gave her a big kiss and told her how smart she was and how proud I was of her. She got a huge smile on her face, extended, kicked her feet, and squealed, letting me know that she understood. Life is good!

Believe... Prayer Works!


T said...

Wow! Looking good Makenzie - What is the suit you are wearing to clean the dishes?

I can't believe how tall you are!
Keep Smiling x

daner said...

I am wondering what is that AWESOME and funky suit you have on Mackenzie at the sink? I presume it helps support her, but tell me more!!

Anonymous said...

wow - it looks like makenzie's doing great! what kind of braces is she wearing, that she can stand without a stander/standing board? is the trunk and butt support part of the HKAFO or is it an add on piece? i'm very interested!

Anonymous said...

What is Makenzie using to stand at the sink?

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