Friday, November 30, 2012

Bitter Sweet Healing

 This last week has been a crazy one with sick kids, long days, longer nights, intertwined with Thanksgiving, and school. I will try to write about some specifics of our week later and know that everyone is now well again but tonight I want to share a few things that are amazing and incredibly touching.

About 18 months ago my youngest son was very sick. I took him to the ER and was told her had a stomach bug. I knew the doctors were not right and three days later my fears were confirmed when an ultra sound showed a ruptured appendix. After two drains, 14 ish days inpatient at the hospital and 30 plus days of IV antibiotics,  Mr 11 was cleared and we went on with our lives. One day Mr 11 came home from school and told me his belly hurt and when I touched it he screamed. I knew what was going on, I packed our bags, took a shower gave Makenzie a bath, and we headed back to the hospital. Yep, another infection, and another hospital stay.

Mr 11 was treated again with IV antibiotics and removing his appendix that the previous hospital did not feel needed to be removed was scheduled. His PICC line was removed and a week later a large blood clot was found and we were back in the hospital for blood thinners, and ECHO, and intense monitoring. Mr 11 was on blood thinners at home for three months. We have done some  blood work and several ultra sounds over the last few months have shown the clot to be healing but we have still been able to see some residual clot that needed to be monitored for change.

While Mr 11 was in and out of the hospital we met some amazing people that we have stayed in contact with for the last 6 months.

Yesterday we went back to the hospital for another US and found out that Mr 11's clot is COMPLETELY RESOLVED. There is no scar tissue, no collaterals, and no residual clot. As far as the radiologist was concerned there was never a clot at all. YEAH GOD!!!!!

So we are done with this part of our families life.

However the day I found out my son had been given complete healing I left the hospital thinking about a young man and his family. I drove away thinking about all of the moments Austins mom and I shared while Mr 11 was in the hospital. Austin's mom and I spent  time over the last 6 months talking, sharing our stories, hugging, sharing tears, and just being within the walls of the hospital together. I grew very quickly to love this family. A family whose journey is so different then mine, a journey that needs a miracle if it is to have a happy ending.

You see, Austin has cancer. While Mr 11 was inpatient Austin was getting ready to undergo a bone marrow transplant. This transplant was his hope for healing. Austin got his transplant shortly after Mr 11 was discharged (the first time) and it was a success. However, soon after he began to heal and prepare to go home, new tumors where found and after one last effort with cyber knofe it was determined there is nothing more that can be done to cure Austin's cancer and now all that is left to do is live and pray for a miracle!

Austins dream was to own a very specific car. Over the last month our community has rallied around Austin and his family and this week his dream came true. Please check out this video of how Austin came to own a 1972 Chevelle because any words that I put on this page could not possible do this story any justice. This family needs a miracle. This family needs your prayers.Please pray for complete healing and restoration of Austins body. Please pray for a miracle that only can be explained by God's mighty healing power. Please pray!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Timothy Courtemanche said...

You have so much proof that miracles do happen!

I will pray for a miracle for Austin!

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