Friday, November 30, 2012

Bitter Sweet Healing

 This last week has been a crazy one with sick kids, long days, longer nights, intertwined with Thanksgiving, and school. I will try to write about some specifics of our week later and know that everyone is now well again but tonight I want to share a few things that are amazing and incredibly touching.

About 18 months ago my youngest son was very sick. I took him to the ER and was told her had a stomach bug. I knew the doctors were not right and three days later my fears were confirmed when an ultra sound showed a ruptured appendix. After two drains, 14 ish days inpatient at the hospital and 30 plus days of IV antibiotics,  Mr 11 was cleared and we went on with our lives. One day Mr 11 came home from school and told me his belly hurt and when I touched it he screamed. I knew what was going on, I packed our bags, took a shower gave Makenzie a bath, and we headed back to the hospital. Yep, another infection, and another hospital stay.

Mr 11 was treated again with IV antibiotics and removing his appendix that the previous hospital did not feel needed to be removed was scheduled. His PICC line was removed and a week later a large blood clot was found and we were back in the hospital for blood thinners, and ECHO, and intense monitoring. Mr 11 was on blood thinners at home for three months. We have done some  blood work and several ultra sounds over the last few months have shown the clot to be healing but we have still been able to see some residual clot that needed to be monitored for change.

While Mr 11 was in and out of the hospital we met some amazing people that we have stayed in contact with for the last 6 months.

Yesterday we went back to the hospital for another US and found out that Mr 11's clot is COMPLETELY RESOLVED. There is no scar tissue, no collaterals, and no residual clot. As far as the radiologist was concerned there was never a clot at all. YEAH GOD!!!!!

So we are done with this part of our families life.

However the day I found out my son had been given complete healing I left the hospital thinking about a young man and his family. I drove away thinking about all of the moments Austins mom and I shared while Mr 11 was in the hospital. Austin's mom and I spent  time over the last 6 months talking, sharing our stories, hugging, sharing tears, and just being within the walls of the hospital together. I grew very quickly to love this family. A family whose journey is so different then mine, a journey that needs a miracle if it is to have a happy ending.

You see, Austin has cancer. While Mr 11 was inpatient Austin was getting ready to undergo a bone marrow transplant. This transplant was his hope for healing. Austin got his transplant shortly after Mr 11 was discharged (the first time) and it was a success. However, soon after he began to heal and prepare to go home, new tumors where found and after one last effort with cyber knofe it was determined there is nothing more that can be done to cure Austin's cancer and now all that is left to do is live and pray for a miracle!

Austins dream was to own a very specific car. Over the last month our community has rallied around Austin and his family and this week his dream came true. Please check out this video of how Austin came to own a 1972 Chevelle because any words that I put on this page could not possible do this story any justice. This family needs a miracle. This family needs your prayers.Please pray for complete healing and restoration of Austins body. Please pray for a miracle that only can be explained by God's mighty healing power. Please pray!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


This week ended on quite an amazing note.

A couple of months ago I talked about the possibility of Makenzie getting her very own tricycle. Well it looks like that will be happening sooner then later!

We attended a fundraiser last night put on by my states chapter of the non profit company, Ambucks. It was at an amazing little Italian restaurant. We were treated to a wonderful dinner and got to watch as many people walked through the door to donate to Makenzie's tricycle.

They had all kind of games set up including jumbo Jynga, an orange toss, and plinko. The main part of the fundraiser was a mustache shaving auction. The men had grown bushy beards and the highest bidder got to choose whatever style mustache they wanted shaved on each man. It was a so much fun to watch!

Makenzie was the super star. There were so many kind people there who were so excited to see my special girl get a tricycle. When all of the men got together for a picture and Makenzie was squashed right in the middle my heart felt like it was going to explode with joy and pride. Yep..... that's my kid right there in the middle. The kid who brought all of these wonderful people together!

I am so honored and feel so blessed.

Makenzie is so stinking excited!

Thank you to everyone who came out to make this happen for Makenzie! It really does mean more to our family then words could ever express!

On another note.... I think I have officially turned into a big nerd. Last week one of my instructors told me  she was going to nominate me for the "student of the month award". Again..... I am so honored! I am going to school for my family, for me, and for a brighter future. I am loving it.... yes I already stated I am now a nerd. I look forward to going to class and am having a great time writing papers and doing algebra homework.

My instructor wanted to know how to describe Makenzie as she wanted to put in the nomination something about me being a a single mom to 3 teenagers and a child with disabilities. After she asked about Makenzie she noted that she was not doing this for pity but instead because she knows that I do not want pity and  even though I already have a lot going on I am thriving in school, do not make excuses, and advocate for for my children all at the same time.

I am cool with the nerd thing! I am really so proud of myself and yes I am tooting my own horn! There are 3 weeks left in this semester and as of right now I am on track to a perfect 4.0 GPA.

One last note, for those of you that asked about the piece of equipment Makenzie was using at the sink in my last post, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! That is the orthopedic piece to Makenzie's Taos walker. 

I couldn't find any resent pictures of her in it but here is one I took shortly after she got it.

We use just the body piece a lot to help keep Makenzie's body in correct alignment while we do sit to stand activities. It is a wonderful piece of equipment!

I hope you all had a great weekend! It is time to get ready for a short week of school and a holiday!!!

If I do not have a chance....

Happy Thanksgiving!

Believe.... Prayer Works!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


It has been a somewhat exhausting week. The kids just came off of fall break and this week they had another short week due to conferences.


Fall break happened for the kids but it did not happen for me. I still had classes and for the first time got to practice coming up with plan a and b to find care for Makenzie so I could get to school. On Tuesday a good friend held down the fort but my plan b failed when another friend came down with a really bad respiratory virus and could not keep Makenzie. So on Thursday Mr. 13 and Makenzie got to experience psychology and algebra. They did a great job and I passed my algebra test with flying colors despite the obvious distraction. I had to laugh when my instructor expressed concern about this distraction and I told her that this was my life and I would be just fine and I was.


On Saturday Makenzie and I went to our first ever political rally. It was really a ton of fun. Makenzie loved the drum line and was very interactive with every one we met. We got to listen to some good music, and hang out with a whole bunch of people who just loved being Americans. To be quite honest in the 5 and a half hours that we were there, there was not much political talk going on. Everyone just seemed to enjoy the experience which made the whole thing so enjoyable.

Then election day happened and I found myself much more emotional than I have ever been about an election. Over the last few months it has become very clear that the special needs community is split very passionately right down the middle mainly on health care issues. Social media has been very intense and looking back I believe the extra emotion is not a increased passion on the issues at hand but more the effects of social media or as I like to call it, Facebook Syndrome, had on the whole ordeal. At the end of the day we live in the most beautiful county. A country where we do not all have to agree, and for that I am grateful! Not a single president has ever been unanimously voted into office and our differences are what make this county such a wonderful place.

So we move forward praying for the leadership of this country.


On Wednesday football officially ended for Mr. 15 with a banquet. It was so much fun and my son got an award for the most improved player. I am so proud of him! He stuck with it, made some great friends, and had a great time in the process.

Tonight through the exhaustion I am feeling so blessed. As I tucked Makenzie into bed tonight I gave her a big kiss and told her how smart she was and how proud I was of her. She got a huge smile on her face, extended, kicked her feet, and squealed, letting me know that she understood. Life is good!

Believe... Prayer Works!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Tantrums

How many of you have seen a seven year old throw a temper tantrum? Given the fact that I have 4 children I can say I have seen a tantrum more times then I can count. But how many people do you know that love to see big tears, screaming, and the flailing that comes when a young child doesn't get what they want? I do!

Makenzie does not ever cease to amaze me. I say this because last night she pitched the biggest fit I have ever seen. It lasted for a good 20 minutes and she was not backing down.

It started on our trip to Walmart. It was almost 4pm and we were on our way to pick out a Halloween costume. (yes, I know that was a very last minute move!)  We talked about going trick or treating and about what Makenzie wanted to be. Morgan was going to be a pirate and so Makenzie got very giddy when I offered that option. So a pirate it was. We walked around Walmart picking up a white sweatshirt, spray paint, some elastic, buttons, and a beanie to top it all off. Makenzie giggled and laughed the whole time. She was so excited.

As we walked back into the house Makenzie started to fuss. I explained to her that I needed to get her costume ready and asked Mr 11 to entertain her for a few minutes so I could spray paint the stripes on her shirt and sew the elastic and buttons on so the sweatshirt would fit over her coat and around her chair. Makenzie was on and off cranky but I just thought she was bored and tired of sitting in her chair.

Just as I finished her costume Mr 15 called for a ride home from football. I put Makenzie back in her chair and we headed out to the car. She started with the pouty face. I asked her if she was mad that it wasn't time to go trick or treating yet and she started to cry. I then asked if she wanted to get out of the van to trick or treat and the tears stopped and immediately a huge smile crept across her face. We picked up her brother, drove home, and the real full blown tantrum started the second we walked into the house and she realized that it was still not time to go trick or treating.

For 20 minutes she cried big tears, held her breath, extended her whole body, and whimpered. It didn't matter what I did. I tried holding her, turning on the TV to distract her, asking her brothers to play with her so I could finish getting ready.... nothing worked. I finally got her iPad programed to say "trick or treat" and "thank you" and the whole tantrum STOPPED! I laid her on the floor with her iPad and she pushed that button over and over until it was time to go.

Makenzie knew exactly what she wanted and in the midst of her tantrum my Mommy heart swelled with sheer happiness. I have waited for so long for this little girl to throw herself on the floor screaming until mommy gave in and last night she did that! Makenzie has thrown fits before and let her wants and needs be known but this fit was different, it was long, she was so stubborn, and she did not stop until I gave her exactly what she wanted! LOVE IT!

As for the trick or treating..... Makenzie giggled and squealed for 2 hours straight. She rolled up to every single door and pushed her iPad to say trick or treat and thank you. We did not leave one candy giver without a smile and she ended the evening with a huge bucket of candy for her mommy! 

I have never been a huge fan of Halloween but after last night I am pretty sure it is now my favorite holiday!!! Watching my little girl do exactly what all the other little kids are doing is amazing and knowing though her tantrum, that she understood what we were getting ready to do and how excited she was to go trick or treating makes it all that much sweeter!

God is so good and I am so blessed! Miracles continue to happen everyday around here and for that I am so very thankful!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures my computer is refusing to read my SD or Compact Flash card!)

Believe.... Prayer Works!

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