Sunday, October 14, 2012


It is Sunday afternoon. I am sitting at the kitchen table in my pajamas helping Mr 15 do his homework. Ok so I am forcing him to do about 10 assignments that are now late in one class that he can not stand. Between picking up Makenzie's doll off the floor after she knocks it down and laughs and prodding my son along, I may finish my English paper.

Mr 13 is off with a friend getting chilies so that they can make salsa and Mr 11 is playing on the computer. I love laid back Sunday afternoons.

It really has been status quo around here this week. Not much new going on which I guess is a good thing.

Makenzie had a GREAT week at school.  I was able to get her power chair to school, train the staff, and adjust some of the switches. She rocked out! We are working on being able to keep her arm on the forward switch for smoother movement. Makenzie gets so excited when she makes her chair go that she lets go of the switch. Last week Makenzie made about 7 FULL laps around the school in close to continuous motion! I helped steer left and right and we also worked on stop and go on command. During the time she was in her chair she also managed not to run any of her friends over!

She is also loving the trike. I also went into the school early last week to help with some positioning issues and to watch her movement more closely in the trike. By the time we were done she had rode across the school into the cafeteria, around the cafeteria, played a round of football with the nurse, and raced one of her buddies back to the classroom. Other then steering and a few prompts in the beginning, Makenzie propelled that trike all by herself.  I also received two phone calls this week from Makenzie's aide to tell me that she had pitched a huge fit when told that it was time to put her trike and power chair away and go back to class.


On the trike front, we also met with some really amazing people who are going to help fund a trike that Makenzie can call her own. Makenzie's PT and I took measurements and specked out the things she would need on her trike. We them sent all of the paperwork to be reviewed and I was told that Makenzie should have her own state of the art customized to her needs in the next couple of months! To say I am excited for her would be an understatement!

(the pouty face that comes with a temper tantrum. After this comes breath holding, alligator tears, and sobbing)

Watching Makenzie become more independent over the last couple of months just makes my heart  swell. Picking my girl up from school and seeing remnants of tears because she wasn't ready to leave or getting phone calls about temper tantrums is something 5 years ago I was not sure would ever happen again for Makenzie. It is now 2012 and Makenzie can throw a tantrum with the best of them. I am so proud of her and so thankful to my God for the healing he has brought to Makenzie's body! Being Makenzie's mommy is such a privilege and quit honestly a whole lot of fun.

Well I am now off to get my son back on track. He has now been working on his 5 whole paragraph essay for the last.....oh forget it I have lost track....... and edit my paper one last time.

Believe.... Prayer.... Works!

( a huge thanks for the pictures of Makenzie at school sent via text from her aide!)


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