Thursday, September 6, 2012

Juggling Act

Sometimes life with 4 kids can be like a hysterical juggling act. The balls flying in all direction. The juggler loosing his balance and just barley catching all the balls before each and everyone of them hits the floor. The kind of act that gets 3 buzzers in America's Got Talent. At the same time it is like a magic act that leaves your mouth gaping wide because you have no idea how the magician pulled that crazy trick out of his hat.

I wonder often how life got so dang busy. I wonder where all of the lazy days have gone and if they will ever return.

I woke up this morning know it was going to be a day that would go from the time I got up until late into the night. It started at 6am with the rising sun, dressing, breakfast, teeth brushing, hair doing, backpack finding, and  three kisses before it was time for therapy at 8am.

I spent the two hours Makenzie was in therapy making phone calls, doing dishes, applying makeup, getting dressed, doing laundry, readying formula for school, gathering my psychology stuff, and participating in what Makenzie was doing.

By 10:30am it was time to load Makenzie up into the van and head off to school. I rushed her in. Helped switch her chair and rushed back out to the van. I now officially had 20 minutes to make it across town to make it in time for my class. I walked in with about 30 seconds to spare.

After class and on arrival home I was feeling quite ill. I pushed through making Makenzie formula, tried to eat, and conceded to a short nap hopping that I would feel better before spending 2 hours in the sun at my sons football game.

I set the alarm on my phone. Once I pushed save it told me I had 38 minutes before the obnoxious tone would remind me to continue on. About 10 minutes into my "nap" my phone rang. I looked at it and set it aside. It could wait. 15 minutes later it rang again. I contemplated completely ignoring the ringing but decided I should check because it could be about Makenzie. It was my son. The one who was supposed to be on a bus heading to his game with the rest of his team.

"Mom" he said. I could hear a bit of a crackle in his voice.
"Can you take me to my game?"
Half asleep I responded with good ole faithful
"huh?" I was really confused and half asleep at this point.
"Where is the bus?" I asked
" I was with the trainer in the locker room getting my ankle taped and they left without me."
I was slightly more awake and had managed to rise from the couch and into the kitchen.
The game started at 4:00pm. I was at least 30 minutes away from the field, and it was now five minutes to three.
"Of course I can take you..... I have to go get your sister, pick up your brothers, and then I will be there."

By this point I was running around my kitchen gathering Makenzie's dinner, afternoon medicine, and ice packs to shove into the cooler. My neighbor boy came over just as I was walking out the door to catch a ride to track practice so I rushed him out to the van while simultaneously sending Makenzie's aide a text message telling her I would be there at 3 and jumped into the van.

I felt myself loosing my balance. At any moment I could envision every ball hitting the ground. I think for a second about throwing all of the balls at the wall, picking up my kids and just going home. I gave myself a pep talk and threw the next ball up into the air. 

Makenzie was ready to go as soon as I pulled up to her school. I headed to the high school to pick up my stranded football player and was off to pick the other two up from the middle school. Mr. 13 came right to the car but Mr 11 decided for the first time since school started that it was social hour instead of waiting out front for me.

I began to get frustrated. The look on my face must have been priceless because three people could sense my stress and asked what they could do to help. Eventually we found my missing social child and we were off.

I was planing to drop off Mr 11 and 13 off at home before I left for the game to spend some time with their grandma but the change of plans left no time for that if Mr14 was going to make it to his game before kick off.

We pulled into the parking lot just as the team was lining up to punt the ball. Mr 14 ran to the field and I headed out to find a parking spot. After circling the whole lot I realized that the handicap parking was the farthest parking from the field and stress turned to anger.

I parked and got out of the car. I picked up my phone to call grandma to tell her that the boys where not home but I had no service. Crap. I took a deep breath and decided that I could not do it all and resolved to the fact that grandma was going to show up to an empty house, she would call, it would go straight to voice mail, and I would have to apologize later.

We watched the game and I grinned with pride when my son stepped onto the field. My phone worked long enough at one point  to tell grandma where we were and she was able to meet us at the field. We ended the game loosing but had a great time.

The bus did not leave Mr14 behind again and I drove home to drop the boys off at home where my brother was waiting with dinner. I pulled out of the driveway one last time to pick Mr 14 up at the school.

We ate dinner with my brother who is leaving early in the morning to head back to Korea for another year. I got Makenzie to bed an hour late, and then spent some good time with my brother and the boys. We gave each other one last hug that has to last for far too long and he was out the door to finish packing.

The boys went straight to bed and I sat down on the couch. I took a deep breath, and set set my juggling balls carefully down on the floor. I did it. All of my babies got what they needed today. I got to say goodbye to my brother, and life is good.

People ask me all the time how I do this alone because days like today happen more often then they don't. Just when I get in a good rhythm someone throws in another ball and I have to adjust.

The magic is my secret but because I am not a good magician I will share it with you......

One foot in front of the other and a whole lot of leaning on God's Grace to get me through these kind of days.

Believe... Prayer Works


Timothy Courtemanche said...

I love reading your writings, I keep waiting for the reality show to start!

I suspect that God has a lot to do with keeping your juggling balls in the air for in God, all things are possible.

As always, keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. God is good, all the time!

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