Saturday, September 1, 2012

Checking In

I have been talking about this year for a long time. The year when I have 4 kids in three different schools. This year my oldest started high school. Mr. 11 and Mr 13 are in middle school and Makenzie is in Elementary school. They all start at different times and get done at different times. Each of the boys have 6 or so teachers each and Makenzie's team consists of 8 adults not including her specials teachers. The boys together have about 18 different teachers in 18 different classes. There is one of me, 4 kids, and a total of 26 different school staff to communicate with.

(Makenzie all ready for her first day of school!)

The boys have been back to school for 2 weeks and Makenzie started on Monday completing her first full week yesterday. This year Makenzie is in Kindergarten.... again. She is going to school 5 hours a day, which is 2 hours more then last year. She has the same aide as last year along with a new aide who is training to be with Makenzie as well for a couple hours a day. There is a new special ed teacher who I LOVE and hopefully soon we will get staff training done soon so that her walker, powerchair and stander can be brought to school.

I started school on Tuesday and while I think it is safe to say that I will never want to become a psychologist, I enjoyed getting out of the house and thinking about something besides being a mom for a change. During the first class the instructor did an icebreaker of sorts by asking us to state our name, learning style, and something interesting about ourselves. She quickly followed the last direction by telling us that how many children we had was not interesting so I was going to have to dig a bit deeper.

The first thing that popped into my head was Makenzie's accident but I quickly rejected that thought because most people find that bit of information tragic not interesting and besides going to school was about me not Makenzie. I rejected the thought of telling the class that this was my first formal education class I had taken since I got my GED 14 years ago. That is fun and exciting information but I didn't want to be interrogated about my life history like the guy in the front row who proclaimed the same tidbit because again my history is something that could have taken the next 4 class periods to make it through. So I had three quarters of the class to think. When it was my turn I stated my name, told the class that I was a kinesthetic learner, and that before I had kids 15 years ago I taught karate. Bet ya didn't know that.

When I got in the car I was smiling from ear to ear. I was so proud of myself for being able to dig up something about just me. Something that wasn't about kids, brain injury. IEP's, or therapy. I did it and in that moment I realized that I wasn't lost. The ME (and no... that is not an acronym for anything!) which I have neglected for so long was still in there.

Next week my English class starts and the the week after that algebra so I have spent some time trying to better organize my life. I have enlisted the whiteboard calendar with color coded dry erase crayons. I am feeling a bit like Michelle Duggar. 

(I also took up bow making this summer.)

My 14 also decided that he wanted to join the high school football team. He has never played football in is life so I am a bit nervous for him but super excited and so proud! His first ever game starts in just over an hour!!

I am hoping that I can fit more blogging in. I may have to crayon a regular time onto my white board!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


VictoriaB said...

Good for you for doing this for yourself! Looking forward to hearing more.

- a reader in California who is also back in school!i

Timothy Courtemanche said...

With God in control of your life, you will make it through this year with flying colors.
As always, thank you for sharing.

T said...

Yay - So glad your first class went well and you're enjoying it.

Makenzie is looking super cute as usual!

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