Thursday, September 27, 2012


Several years ago in therapy Makenzie tried to ride a trike. She liked it but was not able to propel it on her own. I have mentioned trying it again and talked to the school about having one for her at school. This year she has one at school. She rode it once when I was not there and I got to see a short video. Yesterday at therapy her PT pulled out a trike just Makenzie's size. We took it into the lobby and this is what she did.........

bicycle from makenziesmiracle on Vimeo.

Watching Makenzie peddle that bike all my herself was amazing. Every time she does something new I just want to run screaming to all the doctors who said Makenzie would never do these kinds of things. I am so proud of my girl and now we will have to REALLY work on getting her a bike (with better head support) for her to have at home.

This week we also finished up Makenzie's yearly IEP review/changes and it when SO well. Last year I think we had at least nine hours into her IEP before it was even close to functional. This year it took just over 2.

Makenzie is in the normal classroom again this year. She is going to school just over 5 hours a day and even getting lunch there. We have refined her goals and they are going to be great! This year we are going to spend most of her time at school focusing on functional communication with her talker, partner assisted scanning, choices, and gestures. Makenzie understands everything..... now it is time for her to learn how to really communicate what she knows, how she feels, and what she wants, more consistently! Of course she will still be learning academics as well.

I am so pleased with this school words do not do how I feel any real justice. Her aides are amazing, the special ed teacher is beyond wonderful, the specialists are finally understanding what Makenzie needs, the principal continues to advocate for Makenzie, and she LOVES going to school so much that the other day she had a full blown temper tantrum when Ms. Melissa told her is was time to go home. If you had asked me 2 years ago if this was even possible I would have told you.......NO WAY!  I am SO excited to have such a great team for my little girl.

My middle-schooler has received some help with organization at school which has made homework time at home a bit easier. I have had several interesting conversations with the administrators at his school this week. The most disturbing was the one where I was told that in order for him to be formally tested that I, as his parent, would have to submit a refferal requesting the testing. I was told that NO ONE including his teachers could ask for the processes to be started. I just laughed and told him that if that truly was district policy they were way out of compliance with IDEA. At Makenzie's IEP meeting I confirmed with a district employee that none of that information was true. So..................... since they are to lazy to start helping my son I brought a referral letter to the school just make make it easier for them to figure out how to do their jobs. They have 60 days to complete the testing. Ready...... Set........ GO. If they don't think that I have not referenced the school calender and figured out what that 60 day mark is they have grossly under estimated this momma.

I am hoping that this process will not be a battle. It is hard not to be angry when educators have excused away problems and placed blame on a kid who is truly struggling. However, I am going to take the next 60 days to regroup so that when the time comes I can advocate for my son.

My classes are going great. I am really enjoying getting out and doing something that I know greatly enhance my life in the future. I do not feel at all over whelmed and so far am pulling straight A's in all three classes. Getting an A+ on the first test I have taken in 15 years felt so good.

I am sure there is more to say but Greys Anatomy is calling my name!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Susan Hughes said...

I can't get the video to work!

Kristina said...

Love the bicycle video. Emma has a Freedom Concepts bicycle we use a lot and she loves it. She's getting really good at pedaling it these days that I'm thinking of bringing it to the mall before opening hours and setting her loose on nice flat ground with smooth flooring. It will be a change from her outside riding and I'll see how far she can go - while I steer from the back. We were really blessed to get the bike from our local chapter of Variety the Children's Charity. They do have chapters globally, so you might want to check with them to see if they would consider buying Makenzie one. We were beyond thrilled they bought one for Emma and then when they have their fundraisers we always have our loved ones chip in on them to help repay them a bit for the very generous gift.

Good luck!

Reagan Leigh said...

We got an Amtryke tricycle for Reagan through the AMBUCS. We didn't have a local branch, so I contacted one 5hrs away and they were happy to help! You just have to make sure you go through the local chapter (not the national branch).

Susan Hughes said...

Love that video! She did SO well on the bike and she looks so proud of herself (as she should!).

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