Tuesday, July 10, 2012


When I searched the word "eating on my blog this evening it came up with 8 pages of posts that had this one word in them. I felt the need to look because this is a subject I have addressed here many times..... first with much emotion and then disappointment.

Makenzie has been "eating" since very shortly after her accident. In the beginning it was one or two small bites of food. Slowly we moved up to enough to measure by one or maybe two ounces. There has even been a couple of times Makenzie has eaten enough by mouth to go without formula in her tube for up to a month. Each and every time I have gotten so excited thinking that one day Makenzie may not need her g-tube anymore.

(getting a picture of all of them is so much fun...... between my teenager who wanted nothing to do with this activity, Makenzie not wanting to sit still, and trying to get them all to look at the camera.........oh boy!)

Then the other shoe drops and one day Makenzie decides that she is no longer interested in eating. She will always take a few bites but then she closes her mouth, turns her head, and refuses to let any more spoonfuls enter her mouth. Every time this happens this mama gets a major case of disappointment before conceding to Makenzie refusal by stopping all feeding and concentrating on other things.

Over the last 5 years of ups and downs when it comes to this subject I have become ok with Makenzie's feeding tube. In fact I have grown to love it. I feed her super healthy stuff and I know she is getting enough. Honestly I had all but resolved to the fact that Makenzie would always love to taste food but eating for nourishment just wasn't in the cards for her. That is until the day she expressed hunger and then another day when she was hungry and proceeded to top off two bowls full of the most textured food she has ever been offered with ease.

For about a week I kept my emotions and excitement at bay however today I can feel it boiling over again. I have tried really hard to suppress any excitement because of our track record but it is getting harder and harder to do. Why you ask?

Well because Makenzie is eating enough most every day to cut out two tube feedings. She is up to about 7 oz of food consistently and eating more every day.

Today she ate about 6 oz of mac and cheese and avocados for lunch and then 2 hours later she ate a whole 4 oz cup of pudding crying when it was gone. For dinner Makenzie also ate about 8 oz of food. I also introduced her to a sippy cup with water because I am sure she gets thirsty while eating. Thin liquids have always been hard for Makenzie however today she giggled and laughed every time I gave her the cup and managed a good amount of water at both meals with only one good clearing cough the whole time!

(this is a good as it got! My son's scowl is just so handsome huh?)

I am so proud of my girl!

My excitement over this eating development is there but for some reason this time I feel so much more laid back. I am ok with her g tube. I am in no hurry to take it out. I am just so glad that Makenzie is enjoying food. I am having so much fun ordering her a meal when we go out to eat. I love that she can eat Swedish Meatballs at IKEA, Ravioli's at Olive Garden, and Beef Enchilada's at On the Border! I love eating with her. I love that she can eat with our family! I am having fun with it......for however long it lasts!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!!!!


Gillian said...

I totally get your issues with feeding Makenzie vs. the feeding tube. We had a crazy experience and battled the love/hate the tube situation too. With Lola's brain injury, we initially thought she had no interest in food anymore, etc. She hated anything near/in her mouth so we backed off. One day, we handed a happy meal back to my son and Lola freaked out - nonstop crying. So we gave her a fry and it's like a switch turned on. She certainly didn't eat the fry, but she held it and checked it out. From that point on, she allowed new tastes, and eventually was getting all her calories orally. Her tube was removed in Oct of 09. Crazy! Keep doing what you're doing - it's great to have the tube for back-up/sick days/meds/etc.

Timothy Courtemanche said...

I love reading updates like this. I can understand your apprehension about getting too excited over it, especially since you have been crushed in the past on it.
Hopefully, God has a wonderful present in stall for both you and Makenzie this time.
Of course, there is the g-tube advantage of getting medication into her, I'm sure.
Praying that God continues to bless you guys on this new journey!

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