Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School Is Out.....It Is Time For Some Summer Fun!!

Summer is here and we have started it out with a bang! We have completed three graduations... one from Kindergarten, one from 5th grade, and one from 8th grade. We have had Hockey games, practices and a party. We have been swimming and to the skating rink. We have had a birthday party in the back yard complete with the slip and slide, and trampoline wrestling, and been to the amusement park. Then there is Makenzie's therapy and my son's very first all night lock in. Lets not forget two picnics at the park complete with water balloons, sand holes, face painting, bubbles, hamburgers, and lemonade and last but not least, summer would not be complete without a trip to get ice cream. I am so blessed!!!!!

 We started last week off with a visit from our good friend Stephanie. Oh how Makenzie and I miss her as a therapist but it is so much fun to see her when she is in town just to hang out and have some fun!

The boys played some baseball while Makenzie chased everyone around in her power chair.

 The day before school got out the special education class took a trip to the park for some summer fun. They grilled, played on the playground, had a water balloon fight, and blew bubbles.


The last day of school brought two graduation programs. Makenzie did a great job performing with her friends.

Makenzie and her friends all wrote a speech to present at the program. (Have I mentioned how much I love her school?)

Even though Makenzie will be repeating Kindergarten again next year the thought of my baby being a first grader is so amazing! I can't believe we have come so far and how big all of my kids are getting!

Mr 11 will be going to Middle School next year and Mr14 will be headed to High School! I did not get any end of the year pictures of Mr. 14 because the very uncool parents were not invited to their 8th grade BBQ!

Last week Morgan turned two and on Saturday we had a Birthday party in our back yard to celebrate.

Oh how I love this little boy and am so blessed to have him and his family in my life!

Sunday morning we got up bright and early for hockey practice and then headed to the amusement park for a day of amazing fun!!!!

Miss Emily thought that the water guns were the best part!

I drug Mr. 11 kicking and screaming into line for a roller coaster this year. Every year he says he is going to try a roller coaster and then he chickens out. So this year I pretty much forced him on the ride. I told him that he had to try at least one and if he still didn't like it then I would not make him go on any more. We literally started the ride with tears falling down his cheek but when the ride was over he was all smiles and got back in line to ride it again.

The boys much have gone on all of the roller coasters at least 3 times each. I am so thankful for the accommodations that our park gives us on Makenzie's behalf! I do not think we waited in line for more then 5 minutes all day which makes the day go a lot more smoothly for Makenzie!

Monday morning we headed out to the park to BBQ with a company who provides services to individuals with special needs.

The food was great! They had face painting, balloon animals, massages, and gold old fashioned sand!

After the picnic we went to the pool to cool off. Makenzie loves the pool so much!

A day with a picnic and swimming would not be complete without a trip to get some ice cream. Makenzie waited so patiently for her ice cream.

I ordered her a hot fudge Sunday and she inhaled it! I am so proud of how well she has been eating. She really does enjoy food and begs for it anytime she is around someone who is eating!


Life is busy but so, so, so, good!!!

Believe..... Prayer Works!


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