Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Over the last couple week since Mr 11's hospitalization for a blood clot, frustration and exhaustion has been high. There are just not enough hours in the day.  I have two kids that need an immense amount of my time and two that have sat on the back burner. There has been way to much time spent in the car and video games played. My house has been neglected and fun times have been scares.

Friday afternoon I was done. I was tired and I had been pushed to the breaking point. What people don't understand about my breaking point however is that it has nothing to do with throwing in the towel rather it involves a mama bear fighting with even more intensity to gain back control of the things that have gotten out of hand. It involves irritation and lack of patience for though who get in my way. It can be ugly in a very professional kind of way. It does not included cursing or yelling but finding ways to play the game with more strategy and learn more tricks of the trade.

So needless to say this morning once again we drove down to the doctor's office. They poked Mr 11's finger and 90 seconds later we learned that FINALLY his blood held enough blood thinner to be considered therapeutic. YEAH!!! I talked with the nurse a bit about my frustrations and she told me that they had called around to some labs for further blood draws with no luck. Then she told me that the social worker wanted to chat and I just chuckled.


The woman was nice. She was very kind and seemed very willing to help. However, as I expected before she even walked into the room she had nothing to offer. She had no other ideas. She empathized and basically told me that if I ever wanted to call and just vent I could. Not helpful. It was very kind of her to try.

However, one of my many calls to home health care companies paid off this afternoon. I found a company willing to admit Mr 11 and will come to my house with a PT/INR machine whenever necessary to poke his finger, chart the number, and call the doctor. SCORE!!!!! I am sure it won't eliminate all appointments but it will decrease them a ton!!!

To back up a bit I do want to say that I am in love with all of Mr 11's doctors. None of this is their fault. The testing they do is necessary and I am grateful to have such a thorough group keeping my son healthy!!! Our pediatrician has stepped up to advocate for Mr 11 as well and for that I am eternally grateful!! Irregardless something had to give and my one wish is that doctors and nurses had a better understanding of how the system in which they practice operates. There was an easy answer to this problem but I had to do all the leg work and shoulder frustration that could have been avoided if someone knew all of the options already!

This week I also found time to organize a bit so that I could get rid of some clutter. Makenzie's therapy room got a complete overhaul. I have not decided on paint colors or curtains yet but I am so excited to have all of her stuff in one place!


Saturday I did 10 loads of laundry that had been neglected for the last two weeks. I have never been so excited to have all of my laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away as I was that day!!!! In the midst of my laundry I got several other things done around the house as well and am feeling a bit more caught up in that department.

Sunday we had a relaxing day and in the evening I was able to get my grocery shopping done! I planned 7 meals and am relived that is done because fast food was beginning to make me sick!


Today we had speech therapy, ran to the doctors, and started the processes with the company that will be doing Mr 1's  PT/INR management. This afternoon we headed to the pool for a great time together. I forgot Makenzie's g'tube food so I smashed up some raviolis and Makenzie ate 2 full bowls! I was not sure how it was going to go because I have never given he anything with that much texture but she handled it like a rock star! Makes me wonder what else she can eat?!!!!!

Tomorrow I have an all day meeting for work. Yeah me!

So lots has been going on but I think I have gotten most of it under control! I am looking forward to spending some time with my niece and nephew this weekend and maybe also having a bit of down time!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Timothy Courtemanche said...

As always, thank you for sharing! How cool is that about Makenzie eating food with texture? God is good, all the time; your family is proof of that!
My prayers continue for Mr 11 and your entire family.

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