Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Number Police

Shortly after Makenzie's accident when we started rehab I remember the overabundance of numbers. In the first week it went something like..... with brain injury what function is recovered within the first two weeks shows us how much damage was done. Then it was..... the first 6 weeks are very important because after that..... Pretty soon it was if the recovery hasn't happened after 6 months it may never happen. Or maybe the... the first 2 years are the most important.......

What the number police didn't account for when it came to Makenzie is that her God is more powerful then numbers. Her mom was there to advocate against their numbers, and Makenzie would fight with all her might to prove the numbers wrong!

I can say sometimes in the first couple of years these numbers got me down. As each one of the number markers came and went I would look at Makenzie and wonder if they were right. I would wish that the number police would have just keep their ugly numbers to themselves. I would hope and then I would put my boxing gloves back on and dig my heals back into the ground and keep pushing my girl a bit harder.

Almost five years later Makenzie was/is.........

Walking down the aisle at Ms. Stephanie's wedding


Dancing to loud music while smiling and laughing.



Eating wedding cake.

Take that number police!

Makenzie is more vocal every day. She cries when I walk out the door. She pouts when she wants something. She smiles for yes. She doesn't like to be cold. She talks with a talker. She moves her arms to play with toys and give hugs. She understands everything and can follow directions. She is learning her numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. She loves school.

Take that number police!

Lately I have been noticing another huge thing with Makenzie.

It started when Mr. 11 was in the hospital. We had a long appointment to get her wheelchair adjusted. My mom came to stay with Mr 11 and we headed to our appointment. Makenzie had breakfast before we left but was unable to have lunch due to not having a chair to sit in as well as being taken in and out of the chair in between adjustments.

On the way back to the hospital I stopped to get a burger. Makenzie started squealing in the back seat so I parked and let her lick a fry and then started to drive away. Makenzie started to bawl complete with huge alligator tears. I re parked and asked her if she was hungry. She stopped crying and I gave her some more licks of burger and fries and assured her that as soon as we got back I would feed her.

Up until that moment Makenzie has NEVER expressed hunger. I questioned for several days if that was really what happened. This week she has showed me over and over again that it is and not only that but she has also made it very clear that she want to eat with her mouth.

Eating  purees through her mouth is something Makenzie has done for a long time on and off however a forgetful, exhausted mommy moment  pushed eating to a new level for Makenzie when we went swimming and I forgot her food. There were some raviolis in my friend's cupboard so I smashed them up into tiny pieces and crossed my fingers in hopes that Makenzie would tolerate the texture and we wouldn't have to leave in order to feed her. Much to my surprise she LOVED it so much she ate two bowlfuls.

Since then Makenzie has eaten Mac and Cheese with mashed potatoes at Applebee's (which she cried about because I wasn't getting them ready fast enough). She has had spaghettii o's and mashed potatoes, and tonight for dinner she had mac and cheese with chicken, baked beans, and peaches. She loves it and I am so stinking proud!!!

I am pretty sure the number police are down for the count!

I love to watch Makenzie grow and prove the odds wrong. I love to watch her learn new things and become such an amazing little girl. I am so blessed to call her mine!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Timothy Courtemanche said...

There is NOTHING as powerful as prayer! I have heard this over and over and it's so true:
"Don't tell your God how big your mountain is, tell your mountain how big your God is!" Makenzie definitely tells her mountains how big her God is!
God is good, all the time.
Sending her hugs and prayers. And rejoicing to Mak eating real food!

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