Friday, June 1, 2012

My Very Own Sleep Safe

With all four of my children we have practiced the family bed. Each and every one of my kids slept with mommy until they were about three years old. I loved sleeping with my kids. I loved the extra security it gave them and I loved the special bond it helped form when they were newborns.

At one point we had a queen size bed with a twin next to it so that we all had enough room and I used to get the...... "are ya going to sleep with them forever?" comments a lot. I was told that transitioning the kids into their own beds would be harder the longer they slept with us. I was given more advise on this subject when my kids where younger then any other parenting topic you could think up. I didn't care.

Each one of my boys to graduated into their own "big boy bed" around three. I am happy to report to all who where concerned that as teenagers my children no longer sleep with me...... thank goodness! I would also like to add that never once..... ever..... in raising 4 VERY different kids...... have I had one sleeping issue. I put them in their own bed and there they stay. I tuck my kids in at 8:30pm and other then times when they are sick they stay there all night. So much for the hard transition theory.

At the time of Makenzie's accident she was still sharing my bed. We had tried a couple of times to put her to bed in her own bed but quickly let her re enter the family bed after I woke up to her little nose on my cheek in the middle of the night several time while her sweet little voice called my name and asked me to lift her into the bed.

She has slept with me ever since.

In the hospital, the night they moved us out of the ICU and onto the floor Makenzie began to neuro storm pretty bad. That was the night she began to cry incessantly unless she was sleeping. (this crying went on for almost a year) That night specific night was LONG. I knew my little girl needed our "family bed" so I crawled up into the metal hospital crib and curled up next to my girl and we slept. Needless to say the next morning they brought up a bed and took the crib away!

Well today Makenzie got a new bed.

It is called a Sleep Safe bed. There are no rails to get stuck in. There is no way to fall out.

The mattress height goes up and down which will allow me to have her at my height to get her dressed and change her diapers.

The head and the foot of the bed adjust up and down which will be great when she has a cold and another plus is that it does not look like a hospital bed! I don't like to visit that place and have worked very hard to keep my house from looking like that place.

I went to the store and picked up a new pair of twin sheets and put her comforter on while she was as school this afternoon. When she got home the boys were excited to give her a "ride" in her new electric bed. I am not sure who was more excited... Makenzie..... or...... her brothers. There were also talks of making a fort.

Then the big question was spoken out loud...... "Is she going to sleep in her new bed tonight?" That was a good one because I really didn't know.

However look what happened.........................

Yep she fell asleep with no problems!!!!

I am so dang proud of my girl!!!!

So I am now going to go crawl in my bed..... ALONE. I am going to toss and turn until I get comfortable and fall asleep. I hope I wake up in the morning at the foot of the bed because for the first time in over 14 years I do not have to worry subconsciously about waking anyone else in my bed up!!!!!! 

Believe... Prayer Works!


Jess Page said...

Thats such a cute bed!
Sometimes, I think the parent knows best for the child, and if thats sleeping with your kids when they were younger then thats what needs to be done!
You've done a great job of looking after your kids, they always look so happy and full of life! x

Kristina said...

Horray for the sleep safe bed! I love how comfy she looks in it ;-) Hope it is still going well and you aren't too lonely in your bed now!

I wanted to ask what mount you use for Makenzie's talker? We are going to order an Eco2 Ecopoint for Emma and are leaning towards the Mount'n Mover single arm. Just wondering if you had any suggestions based on your experience with the Dynavox.


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