Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turning the Kidwalk!

Yesterday Makenzie got in her Kidwalk for the first time in a while.

We have been using the Taos Walker more lately but yesterday during therapy there was not enough time to don the orthotic so the Kidwalk it was.

Makenzie ROCKED it showing us that not only could she hold her head up without the head rest but that she understood how to place weight on the correct foot to turn!

She found Mr 14 sitting at the computer and was so proud when she made it over to see what he was doing!

I am not sure how many laps around the house and down the hallway we did but Makenzie loved every second!

Today however, Makenzie is feeling under the weather. She is a bit warm, lethargic, and was up a good part of the night just feeling yucky.

I am going to take her in for some quick cultures to rule out anything that could be medicated and hope she gets to feeling better soon so she can get back to running around the house!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Angela said...

That was just pure AWESOMENESS at her finest. Way to go Makenzie!!!!

T said...

Makenzie - You are a superstar!! I was very impressed, I think you had everyone giggling along with you!

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