Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Gift

I am not sure I remember what I thought being a mother would be like before I had kids. What I do know is I had no idea being a parent could be so hard but so utterly wonderful all at the same time.

Life is so busy. There is one of me and four of them. Each of my children has different wants and needs but some how with God's help every day I pull it off.

Today we spent 12 hours at a hockey tournament. As I sat in the stands the day before Mothers Day with Makenzie giggling on my lap, my 13 year old son next to me, while  I screamed my head off, I couldn't help but soak up the perfect little life that my family leads.

 After Makenzie's accident not only did I grieve for what Makenzie had lost but also for all of the things I could imagine my boys would loose. I was scared that they would get made fun off for having a sister who was different. I was worried that their friends would not want to come over and if they did my kids would have to answer hard questions. For a long time I felt like I had failed them as a mother.

However as hard as the last 5 years have been I know I have not failed. I am not perfect but I am good enough.


We sat Golden Corral this afternoon with most of the hockey team for lunch. (I despise buffets by the way) My boys sat with the team of 10 year olds covered in sweat after playing two games. Makenzie and I sat at the table with all of the hockey moms and dads. We talked, we laughed, we ate a little lot. It was normal. It was fun. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else in the world. 

I am not sure my boys ate any real food but they sure did get our moneys worth in the form of ice cream, chocolate covered fruit and cookies, cotton candy, and gummy bears. There were spills, laughter, blue tongues, and the threat of a sugar coma halfway through our third game. I caught glimpses of a sparkle in my children's eyes which I have not seen in a long time.

I have officially received my Mothers Day present!

To add icing to the cake everyone on the team is so in love with Makenzie! She is part of the action. Everyone interacts with her, melts when she smiles, and consoles her when she gets overwhelmed with the high decibel screaming.

Today an extra uniform and hat was given to Makenzie so that she could be the team mascot. I put the uniform on her and I was so dang proud. Makenzie my not be able to play hockey....(I am however trying to figure out a way for that to happen) but she still can be part of the team!

To add a cherry and whipped cream our hypathedical cake, a parent of a child from a different team owns a fun center with zip lines, huge swings, and goodness know what else, all equipped with full body harnesses invited Makenzie to come play anytime she wants! I will certainly be taking him up on that!

I am so in love with my life, my friends, my family, and my community. Five years ago, I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about!!!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day! I know I will!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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