Friday, May 4, 2012

My First Bus Ride and Field Trip

Yesterday we had another first around here.

Makenzie went on her very first bus ride and field trip with her class!

I debated whether or not to go on this trip because it involved a bus and missing 3 hours of therapy but I am so glad that Makenzie was able to go because she we had a blast!

The morning started a bit rough with some miscommunication about what time the bus was leaving but we made it to the school in the nick of time!

Makenzie was not so sure about the lift to get on the bus but once her wheel chair was all tied down she was all smiles. We sat in the back of the bus with Makenzie's aide and watched forty-one, five and six year olds enjoy what was for many also their first field trip. There where many reminders to turn around, sit down, and for goodness sake please keep your hands to yourself. There was much giggling, talking, and even some singing on the ride to the museum and working farm.

Once we arrived the four classes where split into two groups where we went first to do a craft and then to listen to a speaker talk about the farm and what life was like many years ago.

Makenzie had a ton of fun constructing a sheep out of cotton balls.

She was also very attentive when the tour guide talked all about the farm and how to care for the animals. The funny thing is Makenzie is not a fan of farm animals but she sure did like hearing about them.

After the classroom time we headed outside to eat lunch and then to explore the farm.

The first stop we made was to the Black Smith Shop. Inside there was a real fire and a Black Smith who showed us how they used to make nails. He pounded the point out. cut the extra off and made the head. After the nail was done he dropped it in a bucket of cold water and the kids got to learn how to make sure the nail was cool followed by touching the water and the nail.

We then  walked through a old homestead and into the farm to check out the animals. Makenzie did great. She was a bit uneasy around the mule and the sheep but she thought the chickens and turkeys where a bit more fun!

There was also a beautiful lake with some ducks, a cool windmill, and several people walking around acting the part of farm workers.

Makenzie just loved watching all of the kids, animals, and beauty the beautiful spring day had to offer!

Before we knew it our time at the farm was over and it was time to head back to school.

I had a wonderful time. It is not very often that I get to stand back and watch Makenzie interact with her peers because I am usually the one that helps her participate in these kinds of activities!

I could not be more happy with Makenzie's school and the joy they have brought to her life and mine as well!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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