Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Fun

We had a wonderful Memorial Day.


We were invited by a friend to go to the horse races. I have never done such a thing so I figured it would be a fun new experience. I am not the betting type but it was still fun to hang out, watch the horses, eat chili cheese fries, and be with friends.

We put Makenzie's new canopy into real use (other then on our back deck) and it worked WONDERFULLY!!! I am pretty sure this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I did not have to fight to keep a hat or sunglasses on her and most of her body was shaded all day! If you missed the link I posted the other day here it is again...... Emmas Exquisite Canopies and Wheelchair Accessories.   

After the races we headed over to a friends house for a bit of swimming a some good ole summer grilling! We almost skipped the pool because Mr 11 could not get into the pool because of his PICC line. However I realized something about my life about 30 seconds before I got ready to head home. The way my brain constantly thinks up ways to modify activities for Makenzie is more of a lifestyle and a frame of thought which can be and is applied to so much more in my life. Makenzie has taught me how to live, how to make so many things in life just work no matter what stands in my way. It is something that I constantly live day in and day out. 

So the ability to adapt to any situation came in handy and instead of leaving we headed to Wal Mart for this.........

I watched as my sons face brightened and a smile replaced his sad face over the idea that he could not have fun in the pool with the rest of the kids. 

Makenzie LOVED the water as usual and Mr 13 was up to his acrobatic antics as usual! 

Morgan loved the water as well. In fact he loved it a bit to much! The fearlessness of little boys scares me. Under a watchful eye we let him loose in the pool area and he made a running b line straight to the edge and tried to get in. It is time for some swim lessons!

I am off to the races again for one last week of school before summer officially begins!!! 

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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