Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just Sick

Two posts in one day..... crazy I know. If you missed my first post today with pictures and a video of Makenzie in her walker check it out here.

Last night we had some friends over. We spent the evening on the deck grilling steak, watching the boys jump on the trampoline and play in the park.  Makenzie walked some more in her walker and giggled hysterically at her brothers antics.

I fed her some Greek yogurt which she spit most of out. I wasn't over concerned because it was the first time I had tried the Greek variety and though she was just not wild about it.


Our company left about 8:30pm and Makenzie and I started the get ready for bed routine. About 9pm I knew something was wrong. She felt a bit warm, her eyes were glassy, her body was super loose, and she just laid completely still in my lap.

By 10pm she was finally sleeping and by 1:30am she was rudely awakened by a bout of vomiting. I cleaned her up and she was awake and restless until close to 4am. From 4am until noon today she slept hard. At 4pm we had an official diagnosis of Strep with antibiotics in hand.


So much has changed in the last 6 years. It dawned on me this afternoon that I no longer run straight to the Children's hospital ER when Makenzie is not feeling well. In fact I no longer even make a call most of the time to the pediatrician.

Makenzie, other then her CP is so much like any other kid and that is a huge blessing. She is healthy and has no real urgent need for any kind of specialist. When she gets sick I find myself heading 1 one mile from our house to the urgent care. I rule out the normal stuff that can be cultured and if that fails then I make the call to the pediatrician. If their office can not figure it out then we head to the ER.

It is amazing to know after six years of being on pins and needles about your child's health that there is no need on a Saturday afternoon to spend 5 hours in the ER for a diagnosis of strep throat! It is amazing to know that your child's doctors trust you enough to know that you can discern what level of care is needed when Makenzie is not feeling well. To many this may seem small but for me it is huge! My heart does not sink evey time Makenzie wakes up with a runny nose or fever because at this point it is ok. Why?.......because she is ...... Just any of my other kids.


As happy as this makes me it is sad to know that our discovery of the Urgent Care office came out of the Children's Hospitals inability to make a correct diagnosis any of the times I have walked into their ER over the last year. They have done a horrible job of caring for my children and I have ended up getting correct diagnosis's at the urgent care, pediatricians office or other clinics each and every time I walked out of that ER with what seems to be their standard answer for every type of symptom....... "it is just a virus"

I realize that sometimes it is just a virus and I accept that but too many times it has been more then that and they completely missed it, once almost killing my son. Not OK and this issue brought us to the introduction of the Urgent Care which seems to but much more thorough then a full trauma center.

So Makenzie is sick but smiling. She has what is needed to feel better and is sleeping well. I guess that means I should follow suit!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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