Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hospital Stay

This week has kicked my butt!

A week ago at this hour we were being transferred from the ER to a room on the floor after Mr 11 came home from school with severe stomach pain.

The CT scan showed another abscess surrounded by a ton of inflammation.  (if you missed our original bout with a ruptured appendix you can read about it here, here,or here.)


Needless to say the little couch bed was not big enough for Makenzie and I. The rocking chair in the room did not recline so about 3am I found myself sleeping on a blanket with a pillow under my head and another under my hip on the concrete floor.

The abscess was/is small so they decided to place a PICC line for a 21 day course of antibiotics and after another 2 nights on an air mattress I chase all over downtown to find we were released on Friday afternoon just in time for speech therapy.


Saturday morning with got up at 6am to head out to Mr 13's hockey tournament. Mr 11 had spiked a fever and developed a rash from his shoulder to his elbow. The fever never reached a degree high enough to call the doctor but I was happy that the boys didn't have a great run  on the rink and fell out of the tournament by 3pm. We made it home by 4:30pm.

 Sunday morning we were back up and at hockey practice by 10am. I spent the rest of the day doing NOTHING! By the evening my house looked like a tornado came through it but could have cared less in that moment.

Monday morning the school nurse looked at Mr 11's rash and thought maybe it was a drug reaction so we headed back downtown with Morgan (my friend's 2 year old)  in tow to the Infectious disease doctor to find out it was not a reaction but an allergy to latex which was in the bandage covering his line. Since we were already there we did a dressing change and blood draw while Morgan protested sitting in the stroller by throwing french fries on the floor.

That afternoon I laid down on the couch with Makenzie at 4pm and exhaustion get the best of us as we drifted off into a deep sleep until 6:30pm.

Today after I got all four kids off to school I had an appointment for an estimate on our bathroom remodel. I babysat Morgan and his sister, Emily while my friend had a meeting at work and worked on a project for Makenzie's school. When it was time to get Makenzie I loaded Morgan and Emily into the car and halfway to school Emily took the liberty of throwing a leftover cup of root beer across my van. I took a deep breath and thanked God that there is not carpet in my van as I was loading Makenzie into the van through the puddle of sticky soda.

Once home I had another appointment, this time for an estimate on a platform lift and then speech therapy. My friend came to get the kids about 6pm at which point I ran and got some dinner, gave Makenzie a bath, tied two pairs of skates, fixed Makenzie dinner, loaded in the van, and headed to a hockey game. We got home about 9:30pm and all was quite by ten.

I am tired. I am looking forward to a less eventful day tomorrow because I am not sure I can keep up this pace for much longer.

If you would please say a prayer for healing in Mr. 11's gut. We needed the inflammation to go down so that we can take out his appendix  once and for all. One way of another it will be coming out but the less inflammation that exists the easier the surgery will be the the less risk there is for bowel damage. 

Here's to a restful day tomorrow!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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