Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Teenage Blessing

 I have been dually blessed in this season of my life with two teenagers.

This weekend one of my teenage blessings bought an iPod. He really loves music and has been eying a certain 30 gig i device for a long time. For the last 2 days he has been plastered in front of the computer setting up play lists and downloading music with gift cards he received and saved for this very occasion.

However unfortunately, being a teenager sometimes comes with  lack of common sense, selective hearing, and the inability to rationalize or take responsibly for ones actions. It is great let me tell ya!

This afternoon while we were all taking care of some chores around the house this said teenage blessing hooked his beloved iPod up to the speakers in his room. My other teenage blessing took huge issue with this as he wanted no part in listening to his brothers music. So in order to save the peace I asked for the music playing to be filtered through personal earphones.

I made the request once and my teenagers selective hearing kicked in full force. Five minutes later there was another eruption from the basement because the music was still being broadcast over public airwaves.

At this point I made the earphone request again this time stating a consequence entailing the confiscation of the beloved iPod if the selective hearing and lack of common sense continued. Five minutes after my second ignored request I was holding the iPod in my hand and all rationalization went out the window.

It went something like this.

"oh come on, it wasn't that loud."

"that is not the point son.... I asked you to use your earphones and you chose not to do what you where told."

"what is the point of having speakers if I can't use them."

"i didn't say you could never use them again, but for this moment I asked you to listen with your earphones."

"why do you get to listen to your music on speakers, you are so selfish and don't care about how I feel"

"i am sorry you feel that way.  I do care about your feelings however your iPod was taken away because you did not do what you where told. I am sure you are upset because you made a bad choice but this has nothing to do with how I listen to my music nor will anything you say or feel change that fact at this point."

'stop lecturing me, you never listen to my opinion anyways"

"I would love to hear your opinion. If you were me what do you think I should have done in this situation?"


"i am sure your opinion is that I should give you back your iPod because you feel your music wasn't too loud and you should be able to listen to it on your speakers. Unfortunately I asked you 2 times to use your earphones and you chose not to do what you were told. You will not be able to use your iPod until tomorrow."

"what is the point of even having an iPod if you wont let me listen to it?"

"i never said you couldn't listen to your music. In fact I gave you access to over 3 days worth of songs and a $15.00 credit to pick out more albums. All I asked is that you use your headphones to listen to it right now and you didn't do what I asked"

"you didn't say you were going to take my iPod away. I thought you meant you were going to take away the speakers."

"you know what I said and what I meant"

"but you just said "it""

"well I took "it" away..... now you know. Maybe next time you will make a better choice.

"see I told you that you don't care how I feel."

Yeah if you have not had the pleasure of parenting a teenager.......... let me just warn you that no book could ever prepare you for this undertaking!

To add to teenage drama we had a little explosion in the kitchen when the whole bottom of Makenzie's feeding set broke out.


some indoor hockey competitions

All in a good days work!

Believe.... Prayer works!

PS... Makenzie is feeling a TON better!


T said...

It's so strange to see a blue pump, all of ours are purple!:)

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