Monday, April 23, 2012

I Am Officially A Crazy Hockey Mom

Life is a crazy thing.

Babies were a whole lot of fun. The crying and sleepless nights of a newborn never bothered me. Tantrums and the strong new found will of the toddler was no challenge for this momma. I remember the finger paint and many art projects which most of the time had learning hidden within the mess during the preschool years and for me the school age kid stage brought with it a whole new list of possibilities.

As soon as Mr 14 turned five we started soccer. He joined a team and I volunteered as the assistant coach. I stood on the side lines during games and cheered my boy and his team on. We practiced dribbling in the yard, and got all geared up every Saturday for a good game of magnet ball soccer.

At school there were parties, homework, new friends, and a lunch number. I remember eating lunch in the cafeteria with Mr 14 many afternoons while waiting for his brother to get out of kindergarten class. At that time Makenzie was little bitty baby and all of the paras at the school just adored her. Many days they would cart her around the lunch room while we ate. Sometimes we would even sneak our lunch outside to have a picnic in the park next to the school before Mr 14 was ushered back to class and it was time for me to herd the rest of the brood back home.

Life seemed to be going so well. Yes, my little family had our fair share of struggles but it the grand scheme of things we were happy healthy and thriving.

Then a curve ball was thrown and knocked our smooth sailing life way of course.

Soccer stopped, lunch with my boys in the cafeteria ceased to exist.

Not only did I watch the dreams I had for my daughter slip away but also so many of the dreams I had for my boys slowly started to fade away.

I slipped into the caregiver role for Makenzie. I was gone away from home 52 weeks in the first two and a half years trying to help Makenzie regain what she had lost.When I was home I was so tired from sleepless nights, incessant crying, research, doctors appointments, the stress of constant vomiting, and a million therapy sessions.

Over the last 5 years I have watched as many of my friends who also have children with similar stories have gotten back into all of the many activities with their other children. I have watched in envy wondering when Makenzie would tolerate being toted to practices, games, late nights, early mornings, loud sidelines, and 12 hour days spent at tournaments.

While I waited, my mom and dad took over the "fun" stuff with the boys.  I will be forever grateful! I am so very glad to have such an amazing family who was able to step in when I had no choice but to step out. There have however been times when I have been scolded for not asking the boys about their "fun" weekends with grandma and grandpa. Some days I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs...... "NO, REALLY,  I DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH FUN YOU HAD DOING ALL OF THE THINGS I HAVE DREAMED ABOUT DOING WITH MY KIDS FOR THEIR WHOLE LIVES........INSTEAD......... I JUST GET TO HEAR ABOUT IT. ALL OF THIS HURTS PLENTY ENOUGH WITHOUT YOUR GUILT TRIP. THANKYOUVERYMUCH!

Over the last year however the tides slowly turned. Two huge things happened. First and foremost Makenzie stopped vomiting. She still has a bit of reflux but tolerates 8 ounces of her blended formula  in about 25 minutes for a total of 1.5 per day as apposed to the 12-22 hours feeding her used to take. I also do not worry about her choking or loosing her meal while we are out and about anymore.

The second huge thing was getting our modified van. I knew we needed a van but I had no clue how much until we got it.I no longer have to lift anything to load her into the car. I can get her out the door, strapped into the van, and be pulling out of the driveway in 3 minutes flat. Makenzie is positioned correctly and because of that she can even be fed while driving. Which means we can go where ever, whenever!

With that said a couple months ago two of my boys joined a recreation roller hockey league. I was in love and felt so alive. I found myself cheering my boys on once again. We tested the waters with a few late games and early morning practices. Makenzie didn't mind the noise, and I was able to keep her on our feeding schedule. Makenzie did amazing with ALL of it and the boys LOVED playing

So being the person that I am we did not just test the waters instead we jumped right in and joined the club level team.

I can now officially say I am a HOCKEY MOM to not only 2 kids but 3 (Mr 14 joined the rec league this season)! I even have the swagger wagon to prove it!

We have skates, sticks, pads, pucks, a goal to use at home, 7am practices, 9pm games, and weekend long tournaments. There is hockey peeking out of every corner around here!

This weekend we headed about an hour away for Mr. 10's first tournament. I had no clue what to expect other then that his first game was at 6am on Saturday. So we made a weekend out of it complete with a night at a hotel. Happy hour with Shirley temples, Margaritas, chips, swimming, pinball, and 5 hockey games in one day starting at 6am and ending a 4pm.


Mr 10 did FABULOUS!!! His team won 4 out of five games loosing the last game in the final second. He won a silver medal which he has been carrying around all day! I am so very proud.

I found myself in tears while unpacking the car when it full hit me that I had done it! I was there! I screamed and pounded on the seat cheering my boy and his team on once again. I watched him almost score and I watched him get knocked down. I gave him the pep talk before each game and patted him on the back in the locker room when he stepped off the rink. I was there. For the first time in 5 years I didn't have to hear about it because I saw it first hand!


So today for the first time in five years I decided to throw caution to the wind and strap on some skates, grab a stick, and get to work helping my boys practice their hockey skills. Makenzie watched as her mommy broke a sweat while going head to head with her brothers on the rink. I am very proud to say that I didn't even kill myself in the process!!!!

Life is so good for this new crazy hockey mom!!!!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Fiona said...

This just bought tears to my eyes.
I am SO glad to read how much you have enjoyed turning into a crazy hockey Mom!
What an inspiring post to share.
I bet your boys could not be more proud of their amazing Mom.

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