Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Taste of Summer!

I started out this week with a chip on my shoulder. There was a series of events involving two huge organizations, political red tape, and the feeling of discrimination that left me bitter and irritated. I sat with a glass of wine one evening early in the week and wrote a post into the wee hours of the morning. I was delirious and angry. That post is still sitting as a draft and may never get published. Only time will tell.

I woke up the next morning to a post on another blog about God letting us start new every morning. A fresh start and another chance. I looked over my post. Spell checked it and decided that for now I am going to let it go and instead focus on the blessings in my life. Sometimes life isn't fair and for today that is ok!

It has been BEAUTIFUL around here. The snow is gone and the kids managed to find many things to do outside! A friend came over for dinner one night this week and we sat on the back deck watching the kids play ball, and climb trees in the park. As the sun started to disappear in the horizon I realized that it was that perfect time of day to snap a few pictures..... OUTSIDE! I was so excited to even have a willing participant. (my kids tend to hide behind anything available when I pull out my camera)

The next next evening was just as beautiful so again we found ourselves in the park. This time with Makenzie and the power chair. Oh did we have so much fun! There was a team practicing football and Makenzie was bound and determined to show them how it was done! I tried to keep her put of the way but several times I let her get close enough to the action that they had to pause to wait for her to move. Oh what a blessing!

Here is a short video I took. Makenzie is still learning but she is doing SO well!!! 

I am so ready for summer to be here! I am so grateful for a new start every morning! Life may not be fair all the time but it sure is good!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Jess Page said...

She's doing so well! You should be so proud. I would love to get my brothers one of those chairs, I think it would give them so much more independence because they are too lazy to use their walkers sometimes! She's got such a happy smile too, she really loves you! x

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