Monday, March 26, 2012

Makenzie's Miracle Day

Five years ago I was in shock at this hour. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon we had been to church, eaten lunch, and were looking for an end of the season deal on snowboards. Makenzie had on a little sun dress, and white sandals with beads that changed purple in the sun. Her hair was tightly pulled into two pigtails and a nap was calling her name so we were on our way out to the truck to head home when tragedy struck.

By this time on March 25th 2007 Makenzie had a breathing tube, two IV's in her shins, two IV's in her arms, a ride in an ambulance, stabilization in an ER, a trip from one roof to another in a helicopter, and was laying in a bed, lifeless, in the PICU, hooked up to more wires then I could count. My only girl. At this hour five years ago my daughter was still alive, she was breathing over the vent, and the fact that Makenzie may have brain damage had just struck me. The words had not been spoken but for some reason after all the tests on the rest of her organs came back more or less ok I realized that the one organ I had overlooked even worrying about was Makenzie's brain.

The waiting room was finally quiet and at this hour I found myself  sitting next to my baby wondering if she was ever going to be alright again. Would she walk or talk again. Would she giggle and play.

Today, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in 2012 Makenzie is alright. She is not the same little girl as she was before March 25th 2007 but somehow, five years later that doesn't even matter to me anymore. Makenzie is happy. She is healthy. She heals more and more every day. She doesn't walk..... she drives, she talks..... just not with her mouth. She sits and takes in life...... from her wheelchair. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and giggles come constantly. Makenzie is more then alright! She is amazing!

Year number four was an amazing year. We moved, got a van with a ramp, Makenzie went back to school, learned how to use a talker with eye gaze and how to drive a power chair. She leaned how to walk well in her walker, and started school..... again. This year we got on the waiver and added some therapies as well as started the process to remodel our bathrooms. Makenzie is thriving on a blended diet and her reflux is under control.

God's plan and peace has been shown to me so much over the last year. I can not even remember the last time I felt the sadness a guilt over what happened to Makenzie. I am so full of acceptance that my heart could burst. I do not look at other little girls Makenzie's age and wonder what she might have been like anymore. I do not feel the need to try every new treatment I find. I see Makenzie as perfect. God's plan is perfect and even though five years ago my plan was very different then God's, today I feel our plans are much more the same then they are different.

Today we celebrated life, We celebrated with friends and family. The kids ran and played. Makenzie drove her power chair in the park and talked to her guests with her talker. Makenzie giggled and laughed. We ate, and talked, and celebrated the life of each person who walked through the door!

My heart is so full tonight. Today was AMAZING!

Thanks to all of you who have supported us over the last 5 years and thanks for being such a huge part of  making this day so beautiful! God is SO good!!!!!

(pictures coming soon from an amazing friend and photographer who was kind enough to document this day for us!)

Happy Miracle Day Makenzie!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


dannette said...

Thank you for this post! I realized that I don't think about what Meya is not doing - just so excited she is here and doing so well. In fact someone shared with me that their daughter, who is in Meya's integrated class, prays for Meya to get better. I thought it was nice, but wondered why and that is when I realized that to us Meya is perfect in who she is and we are ok - thanks for sharing.

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