Saturday, March 24, 2012

Celebrate Life!

5 years is a long time but at the same time.........

5 years has flown by.


5 years ago tomorrow could have ended a whole lot different then it did....... but it didn't!

and tomorrow we will celebrate! Like a party with many friends and family complete with wine and cake, celebrate!

We will celebrate life.


In 5 years we have all grown.

Makenzie has healed.

and this life is worth celebrating!


In the last year so much has changed.

 The biggest change has been the absence of puke and reflux.


Replaced by weight gain and freedom.

The freedom to go to school without the fear of aspiration.

The freedom to travel while eating.

The freedom to have meals last 30 minutes instead of 90.

The past year has brought a new house without stairs, a new van with a ramp, a new school with an amazing staff, and new friends.

This year has brought new opportunity to resume a more normal life which is consumed less by brain injury and more by fun.

My favorite normalcy has been getting back into extra curricular activities!

Like hockey!


and skate boarding


Destination Imagination

and playing hooky from therapy (sorry Christa!!!) to take a walk from school to Cold Stone with my sons class for a bit of blue cotton candy ice cream! 

and just 4 days from now Makenzie and I will be setting out on our biggest adventure yet......... here is a sneak peek.........

The last five years have not been easy but not only have we survived but we have learned how to love deeper and live louder and for that.......tomorrow......we will celebrate!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


gillian said...

Happy Birthday, Makenzie! I hope you have an amazing party! You've sure come a long way in five years - keep on shining, little one.

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