Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Sickies

Let me just tell you that the H1N1 Flu stinks.

Makenzie is feeling much better today.

It has been a rough few days. Makenzie has been very fussy, needy, congested, whiny, tired, and uncomfortable.

On Saturday evening I thought I was doing Makenzie a favor by giving her a nice warm bath in the evening before she headed to bed. Oh how wrong I was. Makenzie cried huge tears and flexed her whole body through every step of undressing, bathing, dressing, and hair doing. She has been very jumpy and the littlest things have brought her to tears. She has been up several times a night in coughing fits, and needing to be changed. I have not been allowed to walk away from her but even still Makenzie continues to laugh and smile through it all.

Today Makenzie seemed to turn the corner and is feeling much better. She did great with tolerating her food, smiled, laughed, tagged along to her brother's hockey practice, and still had energy left over to give me a run for my money at bed time!

What is left of the flu seems to be some congestion and coughing..... mostly at night...... like right now.

I hate for my little princess to be sick but it is times like this that remind me of how lucky this family is. How lucky we are that Makenzie can get the flu and be ok. How lucky we are that she can cough and clear her secretions. How lucky we are that her immune system fights so hard to kick a big virus. We are so lucky to be at home when something like this causes so many others an extended trip to the hospital. To God be all the glory!

This bug also seems to be highly contagious. As of this moment I know of two people who we had contact with right before Makenzie got sick have come down with the same flu.

The crazy thing is that both of them have received the flu shot. We do not do the flu shot for this very reason. The one year we did get the shot we all still got the flu topped off by strep throat. I choose not to take the risk of side effects from a vaccine when chances are we will still get some from of the flu anyways!

If you will send please out a prayer of healing for my grandpa who is not in the best health and feels pretty crappy right now.  I feel horrible that we exposed the people we love. I really had no clue that Mr. 12's cough earlier in the week may have been the flu. I guess he is a rock star because that is as bad as it got for him..... a cough!

Pray for restful sleep tonight for all of my kids! Pray for continued healing from the winter sickies!

Oh and on a side note the pictures in this post are from a visit Makenzie and I had a few weeks ago with Miss Stephanie who was in town for the weekend! Makenzie had to show off her talker and her new wheels!!!! Man do we ever miss our friend so very much!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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