Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tears of Joy

Getting back into the swing of things this week has been hard. Going from no appointments, no therapy, Christmas, New Years, family, friends, flexible bed time and sleeping in, back to real life has been exhausting.

However even through the exhaustion this week's theme has been "Tears of Joy"

Makenzie is doing so well in so many different areas.

Thursday was the first time that Makenzie got to show off the power chair to her PT. Makenzie is using so much control while driving. On Thursday when Makenzie was asked to turn around and find mommy she turned, stopped, and came forward letting go of the switch to stop her chair right at my feet. I watched as the tears pooled in her therapist eyes. Makenzie was so proud.

We still have many adjustments to make on the power chair including getting the right head rest in and adjusting the switches a bit but none of these small issues don't seem to be slowing Makenzie down!!!

We are also starting to look into our options for a ramp into our home. When we brought the power chair home Mr 14 used two 2x4's and a piece of ply board. It took him nearly an hour to slowly scootch it inch by inch out of the garage, up the stairs, and through the door. I grit my teeth all the while thinking Makenzie's new chair was going to end up tipped over into the snow. That didn't happen thankfully but the power chair will not be leaving the house again until we have a safer way to get it in and out.

We do have a ramp in the back but the yard is covered with snow right now so that is not an option until the yard dries up.  I hope we will be able to get it all figured out and funded so so that we can take Makenzie out in her power chair soon!

I have not taken any video yet of Makenzie driving her new wheels but I will! I have been too busy chasing Makenzie around making sure that she doesn't crash. So far we do not have any holes in the walls but the 160 pound chair is tearing up the transitions in my floors. Oh well!!!


Then on Friday when I picked Makenzie up from school Makenzie's aide brought her out to the car with tears in her eyes. She was so excited to tell me about her day and how well she used her talker!

While at school Makenzie and her aide were reading the letter book of the week on her talker along with the rest of the class. The teacher paused the class to tell them that they could choose a center to go to when they were done reading. Makenzie navigated out of her book and to her talk page. She then proceeded to ask her aide...."what are my choices?" and requested help by selecting help- " help me please"

Her aide then helped her back to her book and Makenzie finished reading it. She then navigated back to her talk page. Went to adjectives. Then to sentence starters and chose " I want" and then proceeded to tell her aide she wanted something "soft" and "round."

Makenzie's aide asked her if she was describing play dough and Makenzie got a smile from ear to ear. They played with play dough for a while and then the aide navigated Makenzie back to her describing words and asked Makenzie to tell her about the play dough and again Makenzie chose soft and round.

If that is not intentional communication I am not sure what is! In one 10 minute setting Makenzie made a request, commented, and asked a question all by herself with incredible accuracy! I am so proud of my girl!

This event got tears of joy from me, the aide, the school speech therapist, and the home speech therapist to name a few!


I am so dang proud of my girl!!!

God is so very good.

If you are looking to see God's Miracles first hand you have come to the right place!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


T said...

Good job Makenzie - You are a superstar!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited with you about the amazing things you are seeing happen!

EricaLynn J. said...

That is just so great and heartwarming. You must be so proud of your smart little girl!

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