Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SavingsAngel and More Money in My Pocket!

On Friday night I could not sleep for several different reasons but the fact that Makenzie's pump kept alarming and I had to keep resetting it so she could get her water was the main reason. While I was not sleeping I ran across this picture a friend had posted on facebook:

All this cost... drum roll please... -7.05. They paid me 7.05 in cash to buy this stuff. Thank you Publix

I kept scrolling through her pictures and found mega deal after mega deal.
So in my delirium, this woman (me) who has never touched a coupon in her life decided to search out my local resources for COUPONING! Yeah..... I was bored and very tired!

I googled every form of  coupon bloggers in my state that you could think of and finally came across a site that looked promising.

I signed up for the site SavingsAngel out of shear blind faith and started watching some of the video tutorials. My head began to pound from staring at my computer screen for so long, shear exhaustion, and a feeding pump that was still beeping! So I kept plugging on in my quest to learn how to save some money on a food bill that is becoming out of control with 3 growing boys.

Within about an hour my printer was warmed up and spitting out coupon after coupon. I was excitedly putting together a list of things that we could use at super cheap prices. By mid morning I had a list all put together and I was ready to try it out!

Needless to say it worked and Makenzie and I had a great time shopping together! No one paid me to shop but I did really well considering I started out with ZERO coupons just hours earlier.

I  bought all of this for $73.36 and saved a grand total of $153.78.

My trip included 12 boxes of fruit roll ups for $.50 each. 8 bottles of Cranberry Naturals for $5.36. Four 12 packs of Pepsi for FREE, 2 rolls of paper towel for FREE, 8 boxes of cereal for $.88 a box, and the list goes on.

I am hooked.

On Sunday when the Target ad came out I went back to SavingsAngels and with 20 minutes I had another list put together.

This time I spent $29.41 and saved $51.82

This included 12 Marie Calender's meals for $1.29 each, more free paper towels, Valentines for Mr. 10's school party at $1.79 each, 5 cans of spaghetti O's for $.46, apple juice, and crackers.

In two days SavingAngels has not only helped me save a ton of money but has changed the way I see spending my money.

Even better it is super easy. SavingsAngels does all of the work. Here is a one minute sample of their site.

First you choose your store:

or you can choose your state for the listings of all of the stores in your area:

A list will then pop up with the deals from that store or stores for you to review.

The deals are listed by store, product, then coupons available with direct links to the printable ones and an index for the coupons found in the paper through Smart Source and Red Plum. Then the retail price, sales price, and final price with all coupons is listed. When you click on the box next to the item you would like to purchase it saves your selections and puts together a shopping list that looks like this:

Once you have printed and clipped your coupons (which doesn't take long once you understand the system) you can update the quantity based on the sale and coupons. When you are done updating, SavingsAngels will give you the Total amount you should spent and the amount you will save. Print your list, grab your coupons and you are ready to save.If you have any questions they have a live chat....which I tried tonight and they were able to answer every single question I had........ and mentors which can be reached by phone.

I paid $20.00 to join SavingsAngel with opportunities to make that money back too. I saved $200.00 on stuff we need and will use. I have been told that for a first coupon trip that I did really well.

I bought 5 Sunday papers to start collecting coupons. I sorted the coupons and filed them by date. I am going to give this a go for the next 8 weeks. I have a feeling there will be no turning back!

Believe... Prayer Works!


outbackyak2 said...

Thanks for the info - you peaked my interest. I used your link and signed up for the 2 month trial. A little effort to get it organized, but I think that will get easier. I put a list together...now just need to find the time to get to the store. Will be fun to see if it works out and if I can stick with it!

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