Sunday, January 1, 2012


This last year has been an amazing year. The last couple of weeks as 2011 has drawn to an end I have spent a lot of time reflecting on past 365 days.

This year has been a year of acceptance, love, intense blessings, health, healing, and letting go of things which can not be controlled.

Over the past year our family has come so far. We have been blessed with a new handicap accessible home and a modified van. Mr 10 was blessed with complete healing after a ruptured appendix, all of the boys have made great friends, and Makenzie was blessed with an Aspen seat, bath chair, a new talker with eye gaze, a Kid Walk walker, a Taos orthopedic walker, a new car seat, a power chair, a tummy that keeps food down, legs that learned how to walk, a team of therapists who love and believe in her, and a wonderful school just to name a few blessings in 2011.

Words can not really express how amazed I am over the love and support we have received over the last 12 months.  It has been a very busy year but one of the best I have had in a long time. Many big hurdles were removed from our path and have opened so many doors for my little girl!

I put together a video of pictures from this year. Even though the title says "Highlights from 2012" you can rest assured we have never traveled through time, rather I just got a bit ahead of myself last night and was too tired to fix it.

We ended the year with a bang.

The boys, Makenzie, myself, a neighborhood friend and a couple of mommies friends headed downtown for dinner and fire works.

We took the light rail and headed to The Hard Rock Cafe. There were thousands of people downtown and I am pretty sure everyone was hungry. I called the restaurant in advance and even though they were not take reservations I explained Makenzie's needs and the manager assured me that we would be put at the top of the list when we arrived and would not have to wait long to be seated. I was sceptical but hopeful that our evening would go as planned.

So now I will be plugging The Hard Rock Cafe as one of the most accessible restaurant's I have ever eaten at. We were seated at a table for eight within five minutes of walking through the door. As we were heading back to the table I over heard the greeter tell a couple that the wait for a party of three would be 90 minutes!

We had a very enjoyable dinner and Makenzie handled the noise very well. Our waitress introduced herself to us as Big Mama and the boys had such a hoot with her all night!

After dinner we walked around the mall for a few minutes before the fireworks started. There was a point were we had walked into a crowd of people and could not move! Can you say claustrophobia setting in REALLY fast!

Makenzie loved the fireworks! She looked up at them with the widest eyes and giggle every time there was a big bang!


The train on the way home was PACKED but we got right on and home about 10:30 pm.


Makenzie went right to bed and the boys and I toasted at midnight and then crashed into their beds!

Thank yo all for walking with us on this journey for another year! Your thoughts and prayers mean so much to me!!!!

Here's to another amazing year!


Believe.... Prayer Works!


Ellen Seidman said...

This post was all SORTS of awesome. I love the listing of all the blessings your family has enjoyed this year, so wonderful. I loved the photos. And I was SO inspired by how well the Hard Rock Cafe treated you. We've had mixed results with this in restaurants.

May 2012 continue to bring you many blessings.

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