Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have so much to do but I am going to slow down for a few minutes and share what happened today.

I never stop being amazed by Makenzie.

This week she has turned a major corner with her talker. It is like a light bulb went on and she realized that the choices that she makes are her voice. She has been commenting, protesting, and requesting with great accuracy and amazing consistency all week.

Yesterday afternoon I was working on some pages for her talker on the computer. She was sitting in her chair about 2 feet away from me armed with her talker. She turned the TV on and changed the channel to Sprouts which kept her occupied for about ten minutes. She then to me "come here" so I walked over to her and she grinned from ear to ear. I explained that I was almost done and I went back to my computer. No sooner then I sat back down she was at it again. "come here" "stop, stop, stop!" So I got up again walked over to her and asked if she wanted mommy to be done on the computer. Again she smiled. I asked her for five more minutes, sat back down, and she started up again...... "come here, stop, stop, stop!" So I stopped.

Today it snowed and snowed and snowed. Makenzie had two hours of PT with the neuro suit and before noon she was wiped out. I fed her lunch and we trudged through the snow to school. I brought her inside, helped switch out her chair, and loaded the new pages into the schools talker. I gave her a kiss and told her to have a good day before leaving to go home.

About and hour later my phone rang. It was Makenzie's aide. Usually she has some amazing thing Makenzie did to share or needs to ask a question but not today. Today the first thing out of her mouth was.....

"Makenzie is having a really bad day. She made the pouty face all through music class, will not make eye contact with anyone and is refusing to smile. When I try to do activities with her on the talker she goes straight to her talk page and has told me over and over ",

"help please, I want to stop."

Her aide then went on to tell me she would love to have her stay but Makenzie seemed to really want to go home. So I headed back to the school to see what was going on.

The second I walked through the door Makenzie gave me a huge smile. The nurse had taken her temperature and said she had a low grade fever. She took it again while I was there and it was normal. We stayed for a bit to talk to the aide and the speech therapist about what may be going on. I explained to them that she had a really intense therapy session this morning and that she may be tired from that.

I took Makenzie home and watched her. She acted very normal. She kicked herself around in circles on the floor, babbled up a storm, and giggled. There was nothing "sick" about my princess.

Tonight I finally realized what had actually happened. I realized that my daughter was able to get her point across very clearly with her words and actions and then get what she wanted. This is both very good and very bad considering if she keeps doing this at school there will be a big problem.

I am over the moon tonight. I don't know what clicked in her all of the sudden but I will take it. I have spent a good amount of time wondering what she will do when she gets to school tomorrow and what I will do if she protests being there again. After much thought I still haven't come up with a good solution.

If it was my boys I would tell them to suck it up and go back to class but I am treading new waters with my little girl who after four years is once again finding her voice (and apparently her attitude as well). How do you look at that little face who is finally able to tell you what she wants and needs...... just suck it up and go back to class? I think I am going to have to dig deep! Oh and I am pretty sure we can mark learning how to protest off on her IEP as achieved, don't you?

Believe.... Prayer Works


Anonymous said...

Wow - that is such a great problem to have. Communication is so wonderful, if not always what we want to hear. I'm going through a similar issue with my son wanting to drive his power chair places he can't go. I love watching him gain independence. Way to go Makenzie on the mommy manipulation!

Amanda said...

This is funny and awesome too! Go Makenzie!


Jenna said...

Hi Mckenzie

My name is Jenna and i came across your site. U are an amazing, precious gift, and a special earthly angel. U are an amazing, handsome courageous, determined, positive and strong fighter. U are an inspiration, brave warrior, and a smilen champ. U are a princess hero, a beautiful trooper and a tough cookie. U are full of life, spunk, joy, smiles, happiness, laugh, love, and hugs. U will be in my in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending hugs and smiles ur way. I love it when people sign my guestbook.

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