Saturday, January 28, 2012

3 Doctors, 2 Days, and Some Answers

It is 2 am. I am sitting at my computer blogging because if I sit on the couch I will fall asleep.  I can not fall asleep because two of my kiddos need fever reducer in forty five minutes. So if this post is full of errors of does not make any since it is because sleep is something I have not gotten much of in the last few days! Sorry!

I have spent the last two days in the doctor's office, the ER, and urgent care.

On Thursday morning after OT Makenzie spiked a super high fever out of no where. I gave her some Motrin and made an appointment at the pediatrician. When we got there with Motrin on board she was still running a 102.4 fever. Strep and Flu cultures came back negative. Breath sound where great and a just in case chest x ray looked normal. Her blood count was in normal range as well so we headed home with the just a virus diagnosis. My least favorite!

However, this morning Makenzie looked worse which landed us in the ER at 6 am. After a repeat chest x ray, oxygen level monitoring, and testing for a UTI we left there with another just a virus diagnosis.

When we got home I called her primary doctor because even though Makenzie was recorded to have oxygen levels in the 95% area her lips, fingers, and toes were a very brilliant blue color. Not so good and a bit concerning considering that is not at all normal for Makenzie.

We both decided that it was best to let Makenzie rest with Motrin, Mucinex, Tylenol, pedialyte and a bit of blow by oxygen. Her lungs were clear and she was not struggling to breath and slowly her color returned.

When she woke up from her four hour nap she didn't seem much better and to top it off my oldest came home from school looking just about as bad as his sister. I called the doctor again and asked if another flu test should be performed and it was agreed that it should.

I took Makenzie to the Urgent Care this evening and low and behold her flu test came back positive. While I don't want my baby to be sick, answers were very relieving.

So tonight I will not be sleeping much. Tonight I will be standing over my angels and making sure they have everything they need. I picked up two prescriptions for Tamaflu and hope that will help kick this bug a bit quicker!

I find it almost hysterical that the Children's hospital would check for a UTI and do a repeat chest x ray but not check again for flu considering I told them she had only been sick for about 4 hours when the first culture was taken and her runny nose had not started until after we got to the hospital. I really am so sick of that place. I know they do good work and they want to help not harm but in my experience lately they have been less then completely throe and listening to parents is not something they do well at all!

At the end of the day thanks to our pediatrician with a bit of assistance from the Urgent Care we now know what is wrong and that is what matters. Please pray for a good nights sleep and a speedy recovery for both Makenzie and Mr 14! Please also pray that I do not get this! That would be very bad!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Glad you caught it in time. Wishing them both a speedy recovery x

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