Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The First Adventure In Our New Van

Christmas came early to our house today! 

Yesterday we got the call we have been anxiously awaiting. About a week ago we submitted an application to a company for financial assistance in buying a van with a ramp. When the call came I don't remember much else but hearing the words..... "We would love to help" and melting into a heap of tears. 

It is impossible to put what I was feeling at that very moment into words so I am not even going to try! When I hung up the phone I took a few minutes to soak it all in. I felt so blessed and loved I thought I just might explode. After a few minutes of soaking in the reality that we were going to be blessed with this much needed modified van, I felt so much relief when it finally hit me that I would never again have to struggle just to take Makenzie out, get her to school, and would also have the ability to transport her power chair any where we go. 

I made a few phone calls trying to hold back my tears. 

I tried to blog but couldn't find the words.

I made a few more phone calls and found out that we would be getting the van TODAY! More tears. 

God is so good. 

So early this afternoon our van was delivered. 


Late this afternoon Makenzie and I took it for a spin. 
I packed up Makenzie's dinner and put her in the wheel chair. I threw on her coat and hat and we were ready to head out the door!

Getting her in the van was a piece of cake even though I have yet to perfect the order and motor planing of securing her chair.

Makenzie is not so fond of the sound the ramp makes as it is going up and down but I trust she will get used to it over time.

Our first stop was the bank. Makenzie loved the beautiful Christmas tree they had set up. We made it into the bank, took care of business, looked at the tree, took a few pictures, and were back in the van and ready to roll in 10 minutes! Not to shabby. 

Then it was off to show daddy our new wheels. 

We hung out for a bit and of course made sure the tires were good and would work in the snow before we were off to the mall.

We checked out a few things at Charming Charlie's 



and then headed off to Best Buy.

Makenzie LOVE the wall of TV's. I mean really who doesn't! 

I wanted to make one more stop but it was getting too late and Makenzie was tired so we headed home. 

I do not feel like Thank you is enough but it is all I have to give! This is life changing for our family. Doors that were closed are now wide open. The world is at Makenzie's finger tips! 


 Tomorrow Makenzie has an appointment to adjust her Aspen seat and pick up her power chair!!!!! What a Christmas this has been already!!!! 

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Angela said...

I cannot even imagine how you and Makenzie are feeling. I'm crying tears of happiness for you. Enjoy your presents. Merry Christmas!!

Amanda said...

What company did you work through to request financial assistance for the lift van? We're starting to look into them for Will.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! This is bringing me back to one year ago when we got our van. It's all so exciting and life really does get so much easier. We're in the process of getting a power chair as well and I'm so excited for the independence that will bring my son. Enjoy! Heather

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