Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blessed Journey

Today the weather went from being able to walk down the driveway in bare feet to get the mail to a winter wonderland cold enough to hang huge icicles off of the roof.

The wind roared this morning whipping snowflakes into drifts around the house. It was beautiful but after some research it was discovered that there would be no snow day and the boys were none too happy to drudge out into the elements on their quest to school. As much as I would have loved to jump in the car to drive them there with the very abrupt change in weather and another cold coming on, Makenzie did not need to be exposed to the cold and snow.


Raising a child with special needs comes with it's own challenges. It comes with much compromise and sacrifice. It comes with a different type of intense responsibility then I ever experienced the first eight and a half years of being a mother. It comes with a whole different set of skills and an in depth understanding for things I never thought I would need to know..... ever.


Raising a child with special needs is a family affair. It is walking to school in the cold and snow so that your sister does not get sick. It is missing out on sports and activities that interfere with the exacted schedule needed to keep everyday life on track. It is not being able to go to parties and other grown up events because you can't just get a normal babysitter. It is hours of therapy instead of swim lessons, soccer practice, dance class, and birthday parties. It is rarely letting your guard down and never throwing caution to the wind.


Raising a child with special needs comes with an audience of well meaning family, friends, doctors, therapists, school team, and many others who at times feel like they know better then you do and can not wrap their brains around why you do things the way you do. It comes with defending yourself to some who do not understand the language that you speak and offending others who speak the same language but do not share the same views.


Raising a special needs child also comes with a great appreciation for many things in life that you may have never given the time of day. It comes with intense joy for the little things. After becoming the parent of a special needs child a simple smile and the sound of laughter will never, ever be the same again!

(we sure do miss this crazy woman!)

I am so blessed to be walking this journey with so many others who also know what it is like to raise a special child. I am blessed by the lows because they make the highs so much higher. I am blessed and honored to be Makenzie's mommy and everything that goes along with it!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

how blessed i was with this post....You are a special person taking care of a special miracle

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