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One Thousand.

This is my 1000th post since October 2nd 2007. I started updating on Makenzie's health and recovery on My Space. At the time it was the popular platform. I had no clue what it was or how it worked but a few of my friends did. So after a few lessons on how to set a site up, Makenzie's Miracle was born.

Over the last several years Myspace turned into Caringbridge and Caringbridge turned into Blogger. What a ride it has been and even after 4 years I am so amazed and honored that so many people continue to check on and pray for Makenzie.

One thousand posts ago Makenzie was seven months out of her accident. She had proved to us that she had more fight in her then an one person I know. God had shown our family the miracle of life and Makenzie was stable. We had a rough start with much neuro storming and a very unhappy baby girl who cried day and night unless she was sleeping which was rare. Makenzie was unable to comfort herself and getting her to sleep at times was a two hour affair. We had been to Arizona two times for Hyperbaric treatments and had completed a round of sensory learning. During our first trip to Arizona Makenzie confirmed that she remembered who I was when she cried as I walked out of the room and she moved her legs for the first time on her own while taking a bath. On our second trip Makenzie began turning her head away from her toothbrush when I tried to brush her teeth and began looking towards sounds. She regained a decent amount of head control and also started smiling again!!!

I was looking back at some of my first posts. It was so much fun to see how much Makenzie has grown and how much healing God has blessed my little girl with! 

Did you know that on October 30th 2007, Makenzie giggled for the first time after her accident?

On November 8th 2007 Makenzie passed her first swallow study?

On November 12th 2007, because Makenzie was blessed with a scholarship she was able to attend Adams camp which introduced her to the Intensive Model of Therapy.

On November 16th 2007, Makenzie sat unassisted for the first time since her accident.

December 7th 2007, was the first time I took a go at a whole food diet with Makenzie because of her reflux.

January 2008 was the first mention of Stem Cell therapy.

I also started to really see Makenzie personality shine through in January 2007.

January 12th 2008, Makenzie uttered her first sounds other then crying.

On January 18th 2008, Makenzie rolled all the way over by herself for the first time post accident.

In February 2008 ........

Makenzie got her GJ  tube placed on the 14th. It was one of the best things I ever did for Makenzie.

 Towards the end of February Makenzie had her first hospital stay after her accident. Pain around the GJ tube and the inability to handle feeds at a decent rate landed us inpatient, a diagnosis of Failure to thrive and accusations that I was not feeding my child. Yeah Right! This got us our first investigation by human services which was deemed unfounded on February 28th.

In March 2008, just shy of Makenzie's one year anniversary, We went back to Arizona for Sensory Learning at SIRRI. We got to spend more time with Michelle and her son DJ. I met Michelle in May 2007 when we first traveled to Arizona to do HBOT. She has become one of my best friends over the last 4 years. I thank God for her each and every day!

 In the three years following we did two sessions of IMOT, one in Florida and one in California. We completed two more rounds of sensory learning, trialed a NACD protocol, consulted with a DAN doctor, tried supplementation,  traveled to Costa Rica for Stem Cell Therapy, tried ABM locally and then went to CA for a session with Anat Baniel. Makenzie continued a rigorous therapy schedule at home.

In the last three years Makenzie has regained full vision with a hint of stabismis. Makenzie has learned how to walk in a walker, drive a power chair, talk with her eyes, and play on her iPad. Makenzie knows most of her colors and shapes. She can count by 10's and loves to go to school. Makenzie is growing a learning more every day!

Other then the occasional stomach bug Makenzie's vomiting issues are all under control and she is growing like a weed. She loves to eat and begs for food on a daily bases. She can eat and if she wasn't so stubborn she would not need a feeding tube but every time I push the issue she decides that she doesn't like to eat anymore.

Makenzie is an amazing little girl with a heart of gold and laughter that is super contagious. She makes everyone she comes into contact with smile and worst of days all better with a simple smile!

Makenzie sure has come a long way in 1000 posts don't you think? I sure do!!!

To God be ALL the GLORY!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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