Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Late Thanks

So I did not forget that is was Thanksgiving. I am thankful for  so much but between my computer crashing, a busy holiday weekend with friends and family, black friday shopping, Christmas tree trimmung, and a frustratingly slow netbook, I haven't had the time to post.

I could ramble off a list a mile long of things that I am thankful for. It has been a very blessed year. I promise not to give you the whole list but I do want to highlight several things in my life that deserve recognition.

The first is the health of my family. This year could have ended very differently after the misdiagnosis of my sons appendicitis. I am so very thankful that God protected my little boy and spared him from sepsis and a much worse outcome! My God is so very good!

This year was also a year of transition. About this time last year we put our home on the market and trusted that God would provide our family with a more handicap friendly home for Makenzie. In May with the help of our family and community God gave us the perfect home that meets the needs of each member of this family. I am so thankful for a house without stairs. I am so thankful that my little girl came be in every room of our house. I am so thankful that my boys each have their own room and a place to hang out with their friends. Yes, friends. I am so thankful that ALL of my kids have made some good friends and are also doing much better at their new schools. I am so thankful for God's perfect plan and hand in our move!

I am so thankful for Makenzie's therapists. This year has been a year of healing for Makenzie and each and every one of her therapists has helped Makenzie grow.

I am thankful for good medical insurance. A medical insurance that not only pays for Makenzie's daily therapies but her medical equipment as well. In the course of this year we have ordered the aspen seat with the zippie base, a power chair, bath chair, talker, kidwalk walker, Taos orthopedic walker, and car seat. There were a few denials but all in all getting approval has been very painless.

I am also oer the moon thankful for Makenzie's school. I have finally found a team that gets it. They understand how to integrate Makenzie. She has friends and is learning so much. When I think about the last 3 years of fighting to get Makenzie in school I know that at this point I could ask for nothing better! Oh how thankful I am for a great school and team for Makenzie!

However, I think the one thing that stands out in my mind the most this year as an item of thanksgiving is the healing God has given to Makenzie in the area of physical growth. This year Makenzie gained just over 6 pounds. Considering it took her 3.5 years to gain 10 pounds, six in one year is amazing! Even better then her weight is the fact that vomiting is mostly a word of the past. I feel like I should knock on wood because anytime I mention how well Makenzie is doing in this area we have a set back.

Makenzie still has reflux that is very much under control with medicine. Just like the rest of us when she gets sick she tends to have more tummy issues but on a daily basis she is tolerating about 9 ounces of blended formula 3 times a day at about 400cc's an hour! I have gone as fast as 600cc's in an hour and Makenzie also does just fine with that rate as well!  Now that is a HUGE miracle!!!!!!!!

This healing has made life so much easier. It has removed many limitations and given me much more time in my day. I worry a LOT less about so many things! Really there are not words that can really describe how thankful I am that I can feed my daughter, that it stays in her stomach, and that she is not in constant pain after eating! To God be ALL the Glory!


a huge THANK YOU to all of my friends, family, local community, and all of you, who continue to pray for Makenzie, offer support, and walk down this road with our family!

I could go on and on.... really but it is now 6 am and my day is about to start getting crazy! Have a great Tuesday and Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Anonymous said...

Some of that weight has to be muscle from all the walking! In several of the photos this year I've been struck by the perfect muscles on her legs! Congrats!

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