Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Steps Camp 2011

Thursday we headed up into the land of no cell phone service, as a family, for a long weekend at an Augmentative communication camp.

We had done this before in the spring but Makenzie got sick and we had to leave. So we were all excited to go again hoping and praying that all would be well and we would get to stay for the whole weekend.

When we got up there we all ate dinner and then the adults headed to a training and the kids stayed with the camp counselors for activities. As we were finishing up for the evening Makenzie puked everywhere. I was feeling some deja vu coming on. After the nurse from the camp came to check her out and finding Makenzie to have a low grade fever and a pulse ox of 87 we decided to give her a bit of oxygen. Low and behold Makenzie was just fine for the rest of the weekend.

I am very sure at this point that Makenzie is very sensitive to elevation changes. Vomit, fever, and low pulse ox are all symptoms of altitude sickness. The treatment is fluids and oxygen which worked and made Makenzie good as new.

ah hem..... ok back to the camp.....

The idea of this camp was to train parents on communication with a device. We talked a lot about strategies and ways to take our children to the next level in communication.

It was so much fun to see Makenzie use her talker in a social setting. She did GREAT and my heart just swelled every time she was able to communicate with an appropriate answer or statement. We are working on putting more vocabulary into Makenzie's device because she is already growing out of what is currently in there.

It was also very nice to meet other families who also have non verbal kids. The boys really took it all in. I do not think that they have ever seen another child besides their sister talk with a talker and they did a great job modeling to and playing with Makenzie and the other kids at camp!

I really did learn a lot and the kids had a ton of fun! Some of the activities involved goo, paint EVERYWHERE, zip line (yes Makenzie participated) horseback riding, throwing food, silly string, acting out a book, making pizza, a fort ball fight, and a Halloween/birthday party.

This camp was put on by Children's Hospital and held at an Easter Seals camp ground. The food was great, the counselors where beyond amazing, and the lodging could not have been more comfortable.

We had a really great week and hope that we can participate in one of the camps offered there this summer as well! A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this such a wonderful weekend!

I left this camp with so much excitement of all this things Makenzie can learn to communicate not only to me but also to everyone in her community!  New tools and idea and the opportunity to go back and learn even more tools to help Makenzie grow! Exciting stuff!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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