Thursday, November 10, 2011


The theme of this week has been the winter cold. I am pretty sure we have not had a cold this bad around our house for several years. I got the cold last week on the day we left for camp. Makenzie got it on Saturday while at camp and Mr 14 got it this morning. The crazy thing is that Makenzie and I are still fighting to get over this cold.

There was a day not to long ago that the smallest of colds would stop Makenzie in her tracks. I would cause her to cough and choke. Her gut would slow down to the point that almost no food could be given for days and then after the cold was gone it would take weeks to get her back to full feeds. Then after a week or so it would take antibiotics to clear the residual congestion. Often times we ended up in the ED and have even taken a ride to the hospital in an ambulance in the middle of the night after Makenzie could not handle all of the extra secretions.

Fast forward to today. Makenzie is and has been on full feeds. We have had a couple of episodes with vomiting because of gagging on mucus but nothing to write home about. Makenzie is cough lake a champ and handling all this cold has thrown at her. She has healed so very much!

As much as I hate to see my baby girl not feeling well, watching her conquer tasks like coughing and swallowing just makes my heart sing. Seeing her ability to ride of the storm of sickness makes this mommy feel free from the worry each little sniffle used to bring. I am so proud of my girl!

I have however not sent her to school this week because I know Makenzie is under the weather and the congestion has still not let up completely. It has been a really nice week hanging out with Makenzie at home. It has made me remember why I spent last year homeschooling her. I really love hanging out with my girl! However going to school is the right thing for Makenzie right now so on Monday it will be back to the grind and going to school with our friends!

In other non sick related news, Makenzie will be getting her power chair on December 5th! I am so excited for her!!! I can't wait to see the look on her face when it comes driving through the front door! Now we have to start getting arrangement made for the bus to pick it up so Makenzie can have it at school. This will be an uphill battle seeing as how Makenzie does not ride the bus and will not be riding the bus with her power chair. I have faith that it will all work out!

It is now time to lay down the laws for the sleep over that has transpired at my house tonight because there is no school tomorrow for Veterans Day. Send me prayers for sleep tonight! I am going to need them!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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