Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sometimes Life Just Plain SUCKS!

I was going to write a giddy post about how excited I was to get Makenzie's talker. I have been programing the thing like crazy. Yesterday the school got a loaner device and I was able to put Makenzie's new user area into the device. She rocked it! She was able to identify colors when asked. She identified the letter and word of the week. She rocked!

However this afternoon during Makenzie's OT session I was informed by her therapist that she would be moving out of state within the next month. As hard as I tried to hold back my tears they still came.

This amazing woman started working with Makenzie on the cusp of some intense drama with two other therapists half way through 2008. She fit Makenzie into her schedule four times a week. She has worked closely with Makenzie's PT and knows Makenzie inside and out. Not only is she my daughters therapist, she is my friend.

I had a whole raw emotion post written out but decided instead to show you why I have been crying ugly tears all afternoon. If one more person tells me not to worry about it because I will find another OT, I am going to scream because Stephanie is irreplaceable.

So here it goes.....going all the way back to August 2008 ...........

 Our first trip to CA to buy Makenzie's Neuro Suit. Stephanie came along to learn how to put it on.

We made our way to the peer.

What a trip!

Then there was the trip to Costa Rica for stem cells Stephanie joined us on.

This is Makenzie right after her first Stem Cell injection. 

Our second trip to CA.  Stephanie tried to use a sheet as a Moby Wrap to carry Makenzie down the hill 
 and to the beach.


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Hippo therapy.

Feather therapy. LOL More like giggle therapy.

Stephanie taught Makenzie how to hold onto objects allowing her to color!

Oh and did I mention that Makenzie still has full range in her hands?


For three and a half years this amazing woman has gone above and beyond to help Makenzie heal. She has been a part of our family. Really there are no words that could do the feeling I am having right now any kind of justice. So I think ugly tears are in order. Don't you?

Believe... Prayer Works!


Angela said...

Ugly tears are definitely in order because that is no ordinary therapist. I'm so sorry. Prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Makenzie has been one lucky girly!

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