Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love and Laugher

 Makenzie had Hippo therapy today. I just love watching her up on that horse. The smiles and sheer pride are sometimes more then this mommies heart can handle!

She is doing so well with her head control on the horse. She is also putting a lot more weight into her arms in all fours and prone as well.


Today as I walked around the arena I was filled with a sense of peace and so much joy. I listened and watched all of the people who surrounded my daughter keeping her safe high up on that horse. The care and love a group of women who volunteer their time just to hang out with my kid. A group of women who come to those stables to help my little girl heal expecting nothing in return. A group of women who Makenzie has wrapped around her little pinkie finger and who's love is etched in her heart.


That hour in a cold barn, walking around in circles in the dirt was just what I needed this morning. I needed the peace the drive into the country offered. I needed the fresh air and I needed the smiles and laughter. My heart feels lighter.


This afternoon Makenzie and I played on the Internet again. I found another good website. I let Makenzie play for about 20 minutes before I took the talker away to give Makenzie's eyes a bit of time to rest. However the second I took the talker off of the mount Makenzie started to scream and did not stop until I gave her the talker back.

Here is video of Makenzie and her new game on

This evening I figured out how to make buttons on the talker software open up the web browser and then go to specific sites. I can't wait to see what Makenzie thinks about that tomorrow!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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