Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friends, Emotions,Talkers, Plans, Oh My!

This afternoon I had a good long talk with one of my closest friends. This friend lives hundreds of miles away. She has been my rock for over four years now. I had called her last night sobbing and because of our many responsibilities our conversation got cut short. So this afternoon when she called the first thing she ask me was how I was doing.

She then listened. She didn't tell me what I was feeling was dramatic or irrational. She just listened never once judging my thoughts. When I got to the end of my sob/pity party she paused and calmly said....... " In the four and a half years I have known you, never once has God slammed the door in your face."

My over emotional response to her comment........ "yeah well there is a first for everything."

Then I got more or less yelled at in a very supportive close friend kinda way. After more conversation we both decided that God does have a plan that is bigger then both of us and our special needs children and then we came to the conclusion that right now we are both sick of God's plan for our lives. God's plan is amazing but sometimes it is so hard to not know just what it is and why life has to be so dang hard sometimes!

It is so nice to have a friend that can bring you into a place of emotional rest while at the same time being completely real. I really don't know what I would do without her.

Then this evening I got another surprise from a friend who knew that I could use a smile today. When the phone rang and I was asked to come to the door, there she stood, flowers in hand, and arms open wide. It really was just what I needed. You know who you are...... thank you! I am so blessed!

On a much lighter note...... and one that makes me giddy........ Makenzie's talker will be here tomorrow. Her very own, never have to give it back, not a trial, brand new, in the box, with all of the accessories, talker!

At the beginning of this week the school received a talker to use with Makenzie for a couple of weeks. On Monday I took her user area that I programed to the school and we loaded it into the device. I expected her to explore the pages and figure out where mommy had put everything this time.

Explore Makenzie did. Very quickly..... like in a matter of 15 minutes she had found her favorite Disney game. She went back to that page over and over.

Then she found her colors page. Her aide and I asked her to identify specific colors. I don't know what I expected but I was very surprised when time after time Makenzie picked the right color button over and over.

Today at school her aide started the Kindergarten assessment with Makenzie. She passed with flying colors. Makenzie knows all of her colors and square, circle, and triangle. I am so over the moon proud of my daughter!

Then they read their weekly book in pairs. I programmed the books into her talker and so Makenzie got to read her book with a partner just like everyone else in the class. When they were done the kids all went to centers and I was told that there was a whole group of kids that spent center time quizzing Makenzie in her colors and again she preformed perfection!

So emotional highs and lows is the name of the game around her lately. Someone very important is leaving but after 3 years of fighting Makenzie has a way to tell us what she wants and how very smart she really is, a school that is listening and believes in Makenzie,  a new music therapist and massage therapist, and hope that continues to be renewed through the Grace and love of a God with a mighty plan!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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