Friday, October 14, 2011


After not writing for nearly a week it is so hard to know where to start.

The last week has been a bit overwhelming. I seem to go in cycles. For about a week I have it all together. The laundry is done, the house is clean, dinner is planned and ready at six not eight. Everything seems like a well oiled wheel. Then it all falls apart. Normally this happens when some outside issue comes along and steals all of my energy and all of the other stuff gets left in the dust. By the time I get done resolving the said time and energy consuming issue I am so behind I don't know where to start. After about three days I am able to pull up my bootstraps, get everything back in order, and wait for the next conundrum.

Last night I offered Mr. 12 ten dollars if he would pick up and clean our main living areas. He happily obliged and this morning I feel a bit more in control other then the pile of laundry screaming at me.

After I dropped Makenzie off at school and had a few minutes to sit down in peace other then listening to the scream of the laundry. I reflected on what really happened this week and was amazed by how much went right even though in the storm of this crazy week.

Really how can I forget how well Makenzie was able to sit this week!

and despite how upset I am with a hospital who refuses to take responsibility for misdiagnosing my son I can't help but have a moment to forget all about that when I see him outside playing with all of the new friends he has made at school. Regardless of what action I choose to take for today Mr. 10 is happy and almost healthy!

or maybe in the midst of more phone calls then I want to count I got some very good news on a piece of  Makenzie's equipment. After calling the hospital 3 times, the seating company, the feeding supply company, the insurance company, several attorneys, a music therapist, before I called Dynavox to check on Makenzie's talker order. I couldn't find a denial for the talker with my private insurance which is needed to pursue funding through medicaid. Just before I was ready to throw my phone into the dish water for the morning I got some news that I was not expecting....... at all! Makenzie talker has been approved and was shipped yesterday! I made the billing rep repeat herself three times before I believed her. So even though there are still a few snafus with the power chair Dynavox saved my phone from certain demise and lifted my spirits!

did I mention how well Makenzie is sitting these days?

how about taking a walk with Makenzie and Mr 10 last night and finding Mr. 12 at the park playing a game of football with a bunch of neighborhood kids. This got me thinking about how much God has blessed us in this move with not only a wonderful house but also a neighborhood full of great kids and better schools!

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Oh and did I tell you how happy I am with Makenzie's progress lately. You can see it when you look at how well she is sitting!

Life is good!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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