Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 My son had been sick for 3 days. I thought it was a stomach bug for about the first two of those days. I woke up every morning anticipating Makenzie or one of the the other boys to become sick. It never happened. On Sunday afternoon Mr 10 fell asleep on the couch and did not wake up other then to go to his bed until very late Monday morning. He had a fever, vomiting, diarrhea  (TMI sorry), by this point he could barely walk, screamed in pain when you touched any part of his stomach, had a very gray skin color and was not eating nor drinking.

I had a doctors appointment for him that day, Monday August 15th. I called the office as I got in the car to tell them that I was going to the ER instead of coming in to their office because I knew something was very wrong. They agreed and called the hospital to tell them that we were coming. I had packed up all of Makenzie's stuff for 24 hours into the car because I knew we were not coming home that night.

However come home we did. After telling the doctor in the ER several times how sick my son was and questioning the need to do farther testing I was told that he had nothing more then a stomach bug because he was able to tolerate sips of Poweraide orally. Against my mommy gut and better judgement I left the hospital because I knew there was nothing more they would do. I had clearly expressed my concerns three times about the possibility of a bowel obstruction or appendicitis and three times the doctor clearly told me it was just a really bad 10-14 day stomach bug which was just at it's peak. I was told both verbally and in the discharge orders to contact my family doctor or come back to the ER if Mr 10 was not feeling better by Friday.

The next day Mr 10 was feeling better and even though I was not convinced the night before I began to think the doctor may have been right. That was short lived. By Wednesday afternoon Mr 10 was more sick then he was on Monday and spent most of the day sleeping on and off on the couch again. By Thursday I was demanding an appointment in the GI clinic as I was not going to go back to the ER for another $700 bottle of Poweraide and another misdiagnosis.

After being told they couldn't get my son in until the following Tuesday, and two calls to the patient representative, they found an appointment for me the following day at 8:30am. By 10:00 am the next day we had seen the GI doctor, been to ultrasound, and had a correct diagnosis of appendicitis in the form of a large abscess in Mr. 10 gut. We were sent back to the ED were Mr 10 was prepped for a CT scan and admitted to the floor. The CT scan showed an abscess 7cm in diameter and a calcification next to the appendix which completely confirmed a ruptured appendix. A drain was placed, a PICC line placed, IV antibiotics started, 6 days impatient, drain removed, a week out of the hospital, more pain, more swelling, 3 more abscesses, another CT scan, NG tube, another drain placed, 7 more days in the hospital, drain removed, two more weeks of IV antibiotics, a month of missed school, and a very, very tired mommy.

I placed a complaint against the ER for malpractice. They told me they were going to review it. Last week I got a call from the hospital to tell me they did not find any negligence on behalf of the hospital. I will spare you the details of the long and heated conversation but just know it was not pretty. I am now waiting for a call from the head of Risk Management because this is not over.

Today Makenzie's PT came and she asked me if I had seen Children's new commercial. She told me about it and I had to laugh. So tonight I googled it. By the time I was done watching the short 30 second clip I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to hyperventilate. You have to watch to understand why............

Imaginary Line: Children's Hospital Colorado from Tony Gaddis on Vimeo.

I am so tired of this hospital's arrogance. I am so tired of them not taking responsibility for mistakes made,staff under serving  my children, and doctors acting in a way that is not professional because well......... they can. I am done. This is a very good hospital and as angry I am at them it is oddly still a source of comfort for me. It is familiar and for the most part I have trusted them with my children's lives. They do many good things but this whole situation has pushed me over the edge. 

I have had a week to calm down. I am waiting on the call fro Risk Management the hospital promised me. All I wanted was an apology. I want something to be learned from this so no one else ever has to go through what my son endured for the last two months. I just want change. Apparently they don't understand a mother asking nicely for some accountability so I guess I will have to speak in a language they do understand...... if you get my drift.

Believe.... Prayer Works


Anonymous said...

Don't give up. I thought this from the very beginning that there HAS to be accountability, in a very PUBLIC way in my opinion, because this is the VERY type of dismissal that can be and HAS BEEN the difference between LIFE & DEATH for people and their loved ones.

If you ASK that more be done and are refused, that is unacceptable. They are so quick to dismiss people (and I don't live in Colorado, so "they" is a general statement about my experience with doctors and hospitals in the past 8 years or so) I feel like it has just GOTTEN SO MUCH WORSE than it ever used to be. TOO MUCH POLITICS AND TOO MUCH FUSS ABOUT INSURANCE AND MONEY and not enough emphasis on the very REASON you should have gone into medicine, and that is to better and help PEOPLE!

I've been in a personal battle trying to get a diagnosis on the cause of extreme chronic pain that has been going on for years, and am keep being dismissed as simple things... when this isn't normal and there is a cause!

You HAVE to tell the doctors how to doctor these days and that disgusts and disturbs me.

I'm not saying you are after MONEY here, although I'd be remiss to say you didn't possibly deserve and/or have a lawsuit on your hands,

but a formal apology, a public display of this (perhaps, calling your local news team may be what needs to be done to get the action you are seeking - I know where i live the news teams LIVE for stories like this, a chance for them to do some investigative reporting, and put "higher ups" in a position of accountability, and the audience they reach would be exactly who NEEDS to know about this in your case) and a new policy implemented where they aren't dismissing people, and actually at the very least MAKING SURE it's not what it COULD BE. A simple ULTRASOUND could have been done on his stomach, at the very least.

I wish you well! I'm glad this didn't end way worse than it did, but at the same time, much of what he experienced and YOU, could have been avoided if you had been given the correct treatment at the FIRST visit!

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