Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words Don't Do This Day Justice

I started a post last night and erased it about 5 times. Yesterday was a roller coaster full of good and bad emotions. I was ready to give up and ready to wage war all at the same time. I couldn't find the words so I gave up and fell asleep in an emotionally exhausted heap on the couch.

Today however was extraordinary!

Makenzie had a great physical therapy session followed by an even better hour of Hippo therapy. Makenzie is so excited to go ride on the horse. They have also added a speech therapist to her time there and she is WONDERFUL! Makenzie has been pushing up through her arms while on her stomach amazingly well. She is sitting great on the horse and she has even maintained all fours while the horse is moving two weeks in a row!!!!!

Then we headed to school. Makenzie has now gone to school 3 days all by herself. I know that I have had issues in the past. I know we are still working on the talker issue but let me tell you how impressed I am with this school. A big part of the ease of this transition has to do with the aide the school assigned to Makenzie.  She is still learning but doing an AMAZING job. 

She has figured out how to get Makenzie in her walker is 6 minutes flat which if you know Makenzie or any kid that needs a walker for that matter you know how fast that is. 

She is wonderful when it comes to communicating and even sent me a picture of Makenzie in class with her friends and the hats they had ALL made! 

They have come up with a great back and forth book which has been filled out in detail every day and the notes in it tell me that Makenzie really is being allowed to be part of the class! There is more wonderful stuff  but the bottom line is that I am so dang relieved to finally have Makenzie in a place where she can learn and a place where her mommy feels like the people around her truly believe that Makenzie can do anything she sets her mind to! 

This evening we worked on decorating an apple to hang in the classroom. I offered Makenzie crayons, paint, and several other pretties like glitter, stickers, and stamps to spruce up her plain white apple. Makenzie chose red and green crayons and red paint. I put the crayons in her hand and the paint in a corner of the paper and she did the rest...... serious I mean she did it all.... every single mark on that paper.


There are no words that could explain how my heart feels. Makenzie's apple will go on the wall in her classroom. A project that she really did and is so proud of! This is going to be a good year and this is a reminder of why I don't give up but instead continue to wage war on behalf of my super smart and very deserving little princess!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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