Sunday, September 25, 2011

Skate City

Today we had a full day. Church, lunch, shopping, more shopping, and roller skating.

The boys love to skate.

Today Makenzie got to "skate" with her brothers.

 and today Makenzie decided she loves to skate too!

The skating rink is loud... really loud.

Bu that did not seem to bother Makenzie to much!

The constant blinking of the strobe lights was very intriguing.

Makenzie made it around the rink two whole times before her little legs had enough skating!
Then she got to ride FAST in her wheelchair. Round and round she went!

I am going to pay for all of this fun in the morning but it was worth every second I spent on 8 wheels this afternoon!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Leo said...

Makenzie looks like the coolest kid in the ring with her new walker. I showed Makenzie's pics to my mom to show her that stem cell therapy and a lot of work do help a lot, we can see it in Makenzie's eyes. My mom is considering a stem cell treatment for my autistic brother, and when she saw her progress convinced herself that it might help him. Congratulations to you and Makenzie on her progress and healing.

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