Monday, September 26, 2011

This Little Boy

There is a little boy who has been in my life for a while now. He is not my child by blood but has captured my heart in a very similar way.

I was the first one allowed in the recovery room after he was born. I took all of the pictures just moments after his birth. He along with his family have lived we us during a transition in their lives.

As a newborn her has cuddled up next to me at night waking to bed fed. I have sat on the couch in the middle of the night staring at high big blue eyes as I watched him drift peacefully back to sleep.

He gave me his first smile and giggles while his mommy was away. I have taken him to the doctor. I helped throw his first birthday party.  His mommy refers to me as his "other mother"

I love this little boy named Morgan!

Today his mommy went back to work at a local school in the special needs department and really who better to care for him then his other mother!

Morgan has been so healing for me. He has help remind me of normal. I have been able to enjoy again many of the things I so took for granted with my boys and Makenzie for that matter. I have again been able to see the amazing miracle of first smiles and laughs. I have watched him learn to roll, sit, and crawl. He took his first steps in our home with his mommy and I looking on. I cried. He is starting to talk and is quite an honery little boy. I can see my big boys in everything he does. I know now the miracle of each and every little new thing he does. Did I mention this little being has helped heal my broken heart! God is so dang good!

So today Morgan tagged along with Makenzie and I.

He helped us teach the aide and the PT how to put Makenzie into her chair and walker. He also helped himself to a bite of the speech therapist's banana for good measure. He then looked up at her, smiled, and politely said.... "nana"

It has been a LONG LONG time since I have had a 16 month old around!

Makenzie showed the physical therapist how much she loves her new walker while playing a game with her speech therapist. We adjusted the table in the classroom to work for Makenzie's chair, and then Morgan and I left! and headed to the grocery store.

Leaving Makenzie was weird but it felt so right. I love her aide. She already loves Makenzie so much and I her belief that Makenzie can learn just radiates! I did not worry at all about her the whole time we were gone and when we returned I could hear her laughter echoing through the halls! I am so excited to see how much Makenzie is going to learn and grow this year!

Tomorrow we have the final instalment of Makenzie's IEP. Kaleb also has a doctors appointment. The problem is....... I can't remember what time the IEP meeting is scheduled for. I am sure it is supposed to happen at the same time as the doctor because I didn't look at my schedule when setting the meeting time nor did I remember to write it down. That is just how it goes around here.  One way or another both will get done because..... that is just how we roll!

Believe..... Prayer Works!


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