Sunday, September 4, 2011

StillCalling the Hospital Home

I am so sorry for the lack of updates. However, I am a bit busy trying to take care of 2 kids at the hospital. Second off I was taught that when you don't have anything nice to say you just don't say anything at all. Well I have not have many nice things to say.

The one nice thing I do have to say is that Kaleb is feeling much better. However today he started having some stomach pain again. I am hoping it is just an issue with going to the bathroom but my mommy gut tells me that is not the problem.

It has been a long 24 hours. I feel like if I have to wait on one more person to tend to my sons needs I may crawl under the bed and not come out. I am finding more and more that the only way to get anything done around here is to loose your mind,  throw an adult temper tantrum, and then call the patient advocate. This sparks many professions interest and send them to your room to find out what needs to be done. Things get done and then the whole process starts over again the next day. Fun stuff and I am now on day 12 of this process.

To top it all of Makenzie was seen in the clinic yesterday to get her AMT mini one non balloon button taken out and a balloon button put back in. However in my life nothing is ever that simple. So in "my life" fashion Makenzie's feeding tube would not come out. Better yet, in the process of trying to get it out the button broke.  At this point Makenzie still had a button but nothing could be put through it.

To make a very long story short, Makenzie ended up in the OR at 7pm. Let me tell you how cranky and utterly rude surgeons are at 7pm. SO cranky and SO rude that when you want to ask a simple question about the options of the procedure you are told by the said surgeon " I will do this whatever way you want me to even if it is the wrong way. We can not keep holding this OR up!" The funny thing is Makenzie and I waited for over an hour f=in the PACU for an OR to open up. In that hour not one person came by but somehow I was holding everything up..... whatever.

Needless to say Makenzie was given anaesthesia. They pulled the feeding button out. She woke up beautifully and we headed back up to Mr 10's room at about 10:30pm.

I am done! I am done being woke up but rude nurses in the middle of the night. I am done having to remind nurses of how to do their job. I am done waiting on surgeons. I am done running circles around the abscesses in my sons gut. I am done being at the hospital.  DONE!!!

For what it is worth even after all of the problems we have had, I am still super grateful for this hospital which has saved my son and daughters lives. Please pray that my son's infection clears up. Please pray for healing and strength.

I am now going to bed!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Unknown said...

The treatment you received was truly offensive. You do handle it all with grace and remind us all so well what is really important.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that a group of ladies in NY prayed for you this morning (and didn't seem to mind that I don't even know you!) Mr. 10 has been prayed for a lot too. You never know who God is going to use... take heart, and peace of Christ to you.

A Random Blog-reader

The Henrys said...

Oh wow, sending hugs and prayers your way and hoping you can all go home very soon!

Angela said...

I am so sorry. I have no wise words of comfort or wisdom, only (((Hugs))), prayers, and true empathy for what you are going through.

Rebecca said...

You said it! Man alive, rude nurses in the middle of the night all night long are the worst, aren't they! So far I've not had problems with needing to throw an adult temper tantrum,.....well, just once and it got me nowhere. Nowhere!! Grrrr.

I saw a post that you made on Love That Max. You mentioned stuff about Stem Cell therapy (I'm on your link now)...anyway, can you ask your stem cell doctors about genetic diseases like Neurofibromatosis and what stem cells can do? My son has psuedoarthrosis of the tibia (which is caused from Neurofibromatosis) and a few other problems.....wondering if stem cells can help him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam,

I'm truly sorry U R havig such a tough time. I'll B praying for U guys tonight - and I'm embarrassed and sorry to say it is something I have not been doing enough of.
I gotta think what a blessing it still is to have McKenzie's joy and smiles through everything; God works in funny ways! U R a super woman to go through all U do; hang in there.



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