Monday, September 19, 2011


I have been having some behaviour issues with my older boys. At times I have found myself wanting to crawl under the bed and not ever come out or run away to an all inclusive beach resort. The thing is I find myself wondering if this stuff is normal pre teen - teenage behaviour or if it is because of everything my kids have been through in their short little lives. I guess there is really know way to know and all I can do is start from here and move forward.

Forward. That is also a hard one. Where do you move when you are exhausted, overly busy, and only one person. I am out numbered her four to one. Lately with all that Makenzie needs and all that Mr 10 has needed I feel like it is 100 to one.

I decided that I needed to look at my day and try to make some extra time each day to spend with them  before I tried to change my children's behaviour. For a very long time I have been winging it without any set agenda.

I am not usually a list person but last night I wrote down a list of all the things I needed to get done during the day and what time I was going to do each task. I suppose that is more formally known as a schedule right?

So today I followed my schedule to a tee until the boys came home from school. For the first time since we moved my son showed up at home with a whole group of boys. I was so happy to see friends walk through our door again that my well planned out schedule went straight out the window!. Homework?..... whats that? Chores?.....who needs 'em? Dinner at a set time?.....why?

I did however manage to get everything done and the kids in bed on time regardless.

Tonight I sat down and tried to write out a Tuesday schedule and realized it was futile as Mr 10 has a doctors appointment, Makenzie has an extra appointment with a talker rep, and we have plans to do some go cart racing in the the evening. Once again... schedule..... what the heck is that?

I am already beginning to realize why I don't have a schedule and I have be winging my life for so long!

Wish me luck and perseverance!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Isabela said...

Hi, I too have CP and can relate a lot to Makenzie, I also have three older brothers!! My family never has a set schedule, as you already now, plans are mostly made two minutes before they happen!
My brothers had behavioral outbursts like that sometimes... what works best is to just go with them one to one and go out for ice cream or something and talk, let them be more involved in what Makenzie is doing in the afternoon or ask them to do something to help you out so they feel more included.
Hope this helps!
Say hi to Makenzie for me, and keep up the great work!!

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