Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving On

For the first time in over a month we had a very uneventful weekend.

It has been so wonderful to watch Mr 10 get better. He is back to his good ole self and even asked me thi evening when he could ride his bike again! Wonderful stuff!!

I got the go ahead to pull the feeding tube out today so that Mr 10 can go back to school tomorrow! He will start with half days this week and the hope is that he will be able to tolerate a full day by next week. This also means that I can start the transition back to school for Makenzie as well! I am so excited!


We went into the school today to drop off paperwork and  meet with the nurse to go over the health plan I prepared for Mr 10. The principal and nurse were very understanding of Mr 10's needs and I feel very comfortable sending him back to school! While we were the principal brought up the attendance issue. He was very kind and told me he understood but that at a certain point the district may go over his head with issues regarding how much school my two youngest children have missed. I just had to shake my head and laugh. I would love to know what the "district" would have done differently if they were in my shoes. It is not like I timed our stay at the Children's Hospital Resort and Spa with the start of the school year!  It always has to be something. However it is nothing a couple of doctors notes can't fix.


This evening we spent a bit of time outside before coming in to get ready for bed. I was right on track getting all of my kids in their beds by 8:30 pm until Mr 12 barreled up the stairs to tell me there was water all over the basement floor! The boys were kind enough to clean up most of the water while I put Makenzie to bed but we are all still at a loss as to where it is coming from. I guess the plumber will be making ANOTHER visit to this house of water! (side note.... I still love my house but I sure wish it would stop raining inside our walls!)

All of my kids are now in bed. Hopefully the basement isn't turning into a swimming pool. The Broncos are giving me a headache, and for the first time since the school year officially began every member of my family needs to be up bright and early tomorrow morning in order to head out the door for school! God is so good!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You have a beautiful family

Anonymous said...

Wow - Makenzie has grooown so much! She is turning into a Little Lady!

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